The Size of Earthly Surfaces Directly Under Different Space Objects

If you've ever wondered how much of the Earth's surface actually sits directly beneath the Sun at any given moment, then you probably also gave up on the maths pretty quickly. Luckily, Randall Munroe didn't. Read More >>

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A Size Comparison of (Almost) Everything

If you've always wondered how big, say, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man is relative to the Sydney Opera House, then this is the visualisation for you: a size comparison of (almost) everything. Read More >>

How Big Is the New Enterprise Compared to the Old One?

725.35 metres. A whoppumental 2,379.75 feet. That's how big the new super-sized Enterprise is. Here you can see it compared against the Galactica, the good old Enterprise, the Blockade Runner, and the ISS. Read More >>

Oh God They're Actually Making the Galaxy Note Bigger?

You already thought Samsung's Galaxy Note was too big, right? Suitable only for use by elephants? Well rumour has it that the plan is to make it even bigger. Read More >>

The Old and Next Generation MacBook Pro Compared Side to Side—This Is Just Insane

Compare their size: the old MacBook Pro on the left vs. the next generation MacBook Pro on the right. It's stunning! The entire new laptop is much thinner than the old one's main body. It's really insane. Read More >>

The Exact Day Phones Will Be Bigger Than Your Penis

Noted penis-blogger John Herrman has dug up a deeply disturbing fact: At the rate we're going, mobile phone screens will outgrow the average human penis length before the end of the year. October 2nd, 2012. This is happening, people. Read More >>

Use This Awesome Website to Find Out How Big Phones Are is a useful little website that compares the size of phones against each other. Can your weeny hands handle a gargantuan Galaxy Nexus? Are your skinny jeans too tight for a Nokia Lumia 800? You'll find out! Read More >>


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