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The Hardest Part of Skateboarding is Not Getting Hit By Your Camera Drone

"Yo dude, it would be badass if we used a quadcopter and a GoPro to get good air footage of ourselves. Dude, don't worry, it's gonna be great." Read More >>

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This Skateboarding Video Isn't Real

You've never seen a skateboarding video with angles like this. As skateboarder Danny Brady goes in for his trick, you'll see a slow motion, almost bullet-timed view of him. But. It's not real. As incredibly detailed as it is, it's all fake. You won't believe it. Read More >>

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The Best Skate Spot? Your Front Room

Every skateboarder has heard this line: "Private property, no skateboarding!" Well, not this time. Read More >>

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Slow Motion + Skateboarding = Friggin' Awesome

When people say that everything looks better in slow motion, they definitely are not lying. And what better than some sweet tricks on skateboards from a group of friends with a Phantom cam. Read More >>

Here's the First Gorgeous Slow-Motion Footage from the New Phantom Camera

Vision Research expanded its line of popular Phantom cameras recently to include a series of compact, rugged high-speed options. One lucky user is the first to get his hands on the Miro M120 and let it loose in the wild. And we're lucky enough to see the results. Read More >>

Is It Easier for a Kid to Land a Skateboard 1080?

A 12 year-old skater, Tom Schaar, recently became the first person to ever land a 1080 on a skateboard. It's an impressive feat, which made some people wonder if it wasn't easier because Schaar is a kid. Our friends at Wired examine the question. Read More >>

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Megaramps Suck, But This First-Ever Skateboard 1080 Is Cool

Megaramps. Giant wooden launch pads that professional aerialists like Danny Way and Bob Burnquist make their livings off of. As a longtime skateboarder, I have always resented the megaramp trend. Why? It reduces the subtleties and variety of skateboarding to mere spectacle. Who can launch the farthest from the biggest roll in? It turns skateboarders into mere stuntmen. Xtreme Action Sportz Broooo! But despite what ESPN and Mountain Dew would have you believe, skateboarding is about more than just the adrenaline rush. Read More >>

Ridiculous Skateboard iPhone Case Should Also Be Outlawed

Skateboarding might not be a crime, but I think a law that would make it illegal to own and use this Skate Deck iPhone case needs to be added to the books ASAP. Read More >>

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360-Degree Trucks Make This Skateboard Ride Like a Surfboard

Fixed skateboard trucks, no matter how loose, just can't flex enough to match the carving ability and dynamic movement of a surfboard. The SurfSkate's specially-designed front truck, however, lets you carve tarmac like swells in the Pacific. Read More >>

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Skateboarding Down a Bobsled Track Looks Like Dangerous Fun

My favorite winter olympic sport is bobsledding. Not because I want to sit in a sled with three other guys and rocket down a track. They don't even get to look up. Mostly because I've also imagined how cool it would be to ride my skateboard down the track. Well at least one guy made my dream a reality. Read More >>

Pyrotechnics 101: Don't Soak Your Pants in Petrol

Everyone loves setting things on fire — it's okay to admit! And some people enjoy skateboarding. That's fine! But the combination of the two can be tricky, especially when you've doused yourself in petrol and literally ride through fire. Daaaaaaaaaaarwin. Read More >>

Know Skateboarding Will Teach You To Kick-Flip Like a Pro

I spent most of my time when learning to skateboard primarily on my face, not understanding the first thing about proper technique. Know Skateboarding Street Fundamentals provides everything a beginner skater needs to know to bust tricks like Tony Hawk. Read More >>


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