A Golf Cart Skateboard Sounds Like the Best Way To Play 18 Holes

Controlled with a 2.4 GHz wireless remote, the Golf Skate Caddy doesn't actually require you to know how to skateboard. There is some slight leaning required to navigate it around a course, but amateurs should be able to master it in no time. And if standing proves too tricky, the Golf Skate Caddy has a place to sit and (safely) enjoy the ride. Read More >>

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The Hardest Part of Skateboarding is Not Getting Hit By Your Camera Drone

"Yo dude, it would be badass if we used a quadcopter and a GoPro to get good air footage of ourselves. Dude, don't worry, it's gonna be great." Read More >>

3d printing
3D Printed Skateboard Looks Amazing, But Wouldn't Last a Loop of Your Supermarket Car Park

That amazing thing up there is a 3D printed skateboard, put together using a design from renowned 3D product creator and builder Sam Abbot. Read More >>

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A Baby Riding a Skateboard with a GoPro Is Basically Why We Invented Technology

Not much to say here, really. This is a baby named Ava riding a skateboard in Santa Monica and Venice Beach, LA. She's great, this is great, all babies on skateboards are probably great. [Twitter] Read More >>

star wars
It's Not Wise To Upset a Skateboarder Riding a Wookiee

It doesn't come with Lucasfilm or Disney's blessing, but if you're a rabid Star Wars fan with a particular penchant for Chewbacca, Geoff McCleary over at Weird Boards will happily build you this one-of-a-kind Wookiee longboard. Read More >>

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Some of the World's Most Beautiful Skate Decks Come From the Back of This Truck

Craftsmanship. Beauty. Customisation. Brooklyn. DL Skateboards, purveyors of skate decks and owners of impressive arm tattoos, specialises in all four. And they do it all from the back of a box truck. Read More >>

What's the Big Deal? This Skateboard Ceiling Fan Does 900s All Day Long

Over at Notcot's experimental studio they wanted to find a novel way to liven up the boring ceiling fan that hung over their heads. And since they were fans of gleaming the cube, they decided to replace its wooden blades with skateboard decks. Read More >>

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Bodacious Longboarding Babes Dominate a Downhill

Watch Anna and her friend utterly destroy a hill as part of the Maryhill Freeride 2012. The girls are gorgeous, the scenery is gorgeous, and the ride itself is sublime. Best of all, nobody rivets out and bails. And extra props to the cameraman for filming and skating the course simultaneously. [BoingBoing] Read More >>

Is It Easier for a Kid to Land a Skateboard 1080?

A 12 year-old skater, Tom Schaar, recently became the first person to ever land a 1080 on a skateboard. It's an impressive feat, which made some people wonder if it wasn't easier because Schaar is a kid. Our friends at Wired examine the question. Read More >>

Ridiculous Skateboard iPhone Case Should Also Be Outlawed

Skateboarding might not be a crime, but I think a law that would make it illegal to own and use this Skate Deck iPhone case needs to be added to the books ASAP. Read More >>

The Electric Skateboard Built to Ride Like a Skateboard

Powered skateboards have been around since the early 90's, but they've always seemed to require extra components — from handheld throttles to Microsoft Kinect-based sensor arrays — that could never quite capture the feel of a conventional deck. The ZBoard, with an electric drivetrain and weight-sensor control system, could be the first to actually pull it off. Read More >>

Treaded Skateboard Turns Any Mountain Into Your Halfpipe

The hard plastic wheels used on skateboards usually means they're relegated to only gleaming the cube on smoother surfaces like sidewalks. That's not the case with Rockboard's Descender, which adds tank-like treads for all-terrain ollies and kickflips. Read More >>

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"Board of Awesomeness" Tops 30 MPH With a Wave of Your Hands

Until the scientific community gets off its collective duff and starts researching the important and poorly understood field of Hoverboard technology, we'll just have to comfort ourselves with the Kinect-commanded, electric-powered, and Windows 8-controlled Board of Awesomeness from Chaotic Moon. Read More >>

This Sculpture Is the Most Beautiful Piece of Recycling You've Ever Seen

This beautifully crafted sculpture of a dog isn't special just because of the talent involved in creating it. It's also the finest example of recycling you've ever seen: it's made using old skateboards. Read More >>


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