Sky Go, Now TV and iPlayer Streaming is Currently Broken on iOS Devices

If you're an iPhone or iPad user looking to catch up on recent Sky Go, Now TV or BBC iPlayer programming at the moment, it looks like you're out of luck. Streaming is currently not working properly across all three platforms, with a "Client Server Certificate" error seemingly causing the issues with the Sky apps. Read More >>

Sky Go On-the-Go TV Streaming Goes Up an Extra 14 Channels

If you like to take your TV show viewing on the road with you, you'll be pleased to hear that Sky has updated its Sky Go app to include a further 14 channels, bringing the overall on-the-go streaming count up to 57 channels. Read More >>

Train Window Whispers Ads That Only You Can Hear

Do you ever feel like ads are speaking to you? Well, new talking windows ads for Sky Go literally speak to you using bone conduction technology. Read More >>

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Sky's Android Apps Are Back After Hacking Mess

After the Syrian Electronic Army sunk its teeth into Sky, forcing the Murdoch massive to remove its Android apps, they're back again, seemingly without any changes. Still, if you want Sky on the Go, you can download, err, Sky Go. The Android balance is restored. [Play Store via Twitter] Read More >>

Sky Apologises For Mad Men Sky Go Blunder

It seems legions of people were up in arms over an apparent lack of the brand new series Mad Men on Sky Go. Eager cord-cutters and Sky-subscription sharers alike were queued up last night to watch the live stream of the premier of latest season of Mad Men, only to be greeted with an error basically saying "not available". Anger ensued. Read More >>

Sky's £9.99 PAYG Sports Channel Access Launches Today

Back in January it was rumoured that Sky would be opening up pay-as-you-go access to its sports channels without the need for the usual monthly subscription and package. And it is. It's been announced and launched for use today. Read More >>

PAYG Sky Sports Opening up to Non-Subscribers For... £9.99 a Day

Sky is finally ready to push ahead with its plan to offer non-subscribers instant access to its hallowed sports channels, with the satellite broadcaster offering casual sport fans the chance to buy 24 hours of access for £9.99 from this spring. Read More >>

Sky Go Extra Charges You £5 for Offline Viewing

Good and bad news for Sky Go members. The good news: offline viewing is almost here! Woohoo! You'll be able to download as much Sky on-demand TV or movie goodness to your mobile as you want (and downloads last for a month). Awesomeness. The bad news? You'll get charged £5 for this "Sky Go Extra" package. Boooooo the evil Sky Corporation stealing more money. Is it worth it? That's for you to decide. [Telegraph] Read More >>

Sky Go Finally Finds Its Way to Jelly Bean

The long-awaited Sky Go app is now, finally, available to all Android devices running Jelly Bean -- including the LG Nexus 4, Samsung Galaxy S III, Sony Xperia S, and a whole host of other phones and tablets. Blimey, that didn't take long now did it? Read More >>

Android Sky Go Gets On-Demand TV, Ice Cream Sandwich Support Due Soon

Sky has announced some exciting and much-needed updates for the Android version of its Sky Go app, with those currently able to install it on their mobiles and tablets now able to access the on-demand content that features on Sky's Anytime+ portal. Read More >>

You Can Now Get Your Sky Sports F1 Channel Wherever You've Got Signal

Whether you like it or not, Sky's fancy new F1 channel launches tonight at 8pm in preparation for the 2012 season. Right on cue it's popped up on Sky Go too, so even if you're not in front of your TV you can still watch Sky Sports F1 from wherever you are, as long as you've got a laptop, phone or tablet (including Android). Read More >>

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You Can Now Watch Sky Sports On Your Android Phone With Sky Go

We knew it was coming, but Sky Go is now officially available for select HTC and Samsung Android phones for your Sky Sports, Movies, Atlantic, News and now Sky One-streaming pleasure. Read More >>

android apps
Sky Go for Android Launching Next Week?

According to sources quoted by Techradar, the long-awaited Android version of the Sky Go TV streaming app is scheduled for launch on February 22nd -- and could even appear a little earlier if testing goes well. Read More >>

iPhone Sky Go App Updated With Sky Movies Support

Sky has put a new version of its Sky Go app up on iTunes today, which brings the company's subscription Movies packages to iOS devices. Read More >>


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