Sky Lets Viewers Watch or Record TV via Tweet Links

A really quite impressive new use for Twitter has been dreamed up by Sky, which uses links embedded in tweets to let subscribers fire up Sky Go or tell their Sky+ boxes to record a particular show. If all your accounts are logged in and linked up, it ought to just work right now with any tweets tagged #WatchOnSky. [Sky] Read More >>

Sky and TalkTalk Battle BT's Fibre Dominance With 1Gb FTTP Wire-up of York

Brave people of York! There is another way! As well as desperately checking your exchange data for news while BT rolls out its fibre broadband, Sky and TalkTalk are joining with CityFibre to bring a rival "ultra-fast" network to the city. Read More >>

Sky Preparing "Buy & Keep" Digital Downloads for Collector Market

If you still feel the need to express yourself via a collection of Hollywood movies, Sky's new Buy & Keep service is for you. It lets you "Buy" then "Keep" digital downloads of films (and TV box sets eventually), with a big selling point of a physical DVD copy for your mainstream media display shelf sent in the post when you buy digitally. It launches "in the coming weeks" says Sky, for a price as yet unannounced. Read More >>

Flash New Sky Home Screen Rolls Out Today

Satellite TV subscribers who do their tellying through a relatively modern Sky+HD box will see Sky's all-new home screen layout appear today, with the refreshed EPG and its focus on on-demand services rolling out right now. Read More >>

The Netflix vs. Amazon Video vs. Now TV Battlemodo: Which Streaming Service is Best?

Cheap isn't always cheerful -- and in the world of streaming video, that's especially true. Although, on the face of it, there's several different near-identical video streaming services you can plonk a couple of quid down for, not all were created equal. Read More >>

In Pictures: Powerful Space Storm Treats UK to Special Aurora Show

A combination of a rare high geomagnetic activity level and cloud-free night skies treated many parts of the UK to a superb aurora demonstration last night, as the greenish skies were seen as far south as Norfolk and the Isle of Man. Here are some of the finest photos snapped from sky-afire UK. Read More >>

£10-a-Month Pirate Sky TV Subscription Ring Exposed

£10-a-month for every Sky TV channel, a subscription package that would usually cost closer to £80 a month? If it sounds too good to be legal, that's because it is. Like a scene from Jim Carey's The Cable Guy, UK broadcasters are facing an increasingly serious problem when it comes to illegal satellite TV installations. Read More >>

On-Demand Stuff Gets a Promotion in Sky's Forthcoming EPG Update

Satellite TV king BSkyB has revealed a completely overhauled EPG, one that'll bring on-demand and older content to the main page of the boxes of its subscribers, seeing as we're all too busy on Twitter to watch anything live these days. Read More >>

Sky is Doing a Google and Bringing Targeted Ads to Sky+HD Boxes

If we're going to insist on recording every show we watch on our Sky+ boxes and fast forwarding past the adverts (or just luxuriating in the ad-free wonder that is Netflix), Sky is going to make sure to squeeze every penny it can out of those ad slots. Yep -- targeted, tailored advertising is coming to your Sky+HD box. Read More >>

Cameron's ISP Porn Filters Backfire, Blocking Safe Sex Education Sites

We never wanted ‘em, but we got ‘em anyway. The roll-out of UK ISP’s government-mandated porn filters is in full swing, with the four major providers switching on their blockers. But, as expected, each has a very unique view of what constitutes “hardcore pornography”. Read More >>

BBC's Five New-ish HD Channels Arrive on December 10th

Five "new" HD channels from the BBC are scheduled to appear tomorrow, when BBC Three HD, BBC Four HD, BBC News HD, CBeebies HD and CBBC HD go live. Same stuff, but now with a minimum guaranteed number of pixels. Read More >>

Sky Store Unlocks Sky's Film Archives for Everyone

Anyone with an internet connection and £3.49 to their name is now able to access Sky's archive of on-demand films, with its Sky Store service now flogging the rights to stream the likes of Man of Steel and The Wolverine instantly over the web. Read More >>

Sky Adds Remote On-Demand Queuing to Sky+ App

The Sky+ app has seen a little upgrade, now letting users tell their Sky+HD boxes to begin downloading on-demand content while away from home in addition to its live recording abilities. Sky says two million people use the Sky+ app every month, with 3.4m homes using the on-demand tools. [Sky Apps] Read More >>

4oD Added to Sky's £10 Now TV Streaming Box

Whether you're a subscriber to Sky's premium Now TV on-demand streaming service or not, the company's £10 Now TV set-top box is becoming an increasingly good deal if you're looking to hook a dumb TV up to the web on the cheap. In addition to the BBC iPlayer and Demand 5 catch-up services, it now offers Channel 4's 4oD for free too. [Now TV] Read More >>

Sky Go On-the-Go TV Streaming Goes Up an Extra 14 Channels

If you like to take your TV show viewing on the road with you, you'll be pleased to hear that Sky has updated its Sky Go app to include a further 14 channels, bringing the overall on-the-go streaming count up to 57 channels. Read More >>

Sky Broadband's Porn Filters Ready to Respond to Cameron's Smut Crusade

David Cameron and conservative, Daily-Mail-reading middle England demanded it, and Sky have now complied. Sky Broadband's Shield system is now up and running, ready to spare your family from the "horrors" of internet pornography. Read More >>


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