"It's Not Cybersex, I'm Showing it to a Doctor" as Skype GP Visits Set to Become the Norm

Doctors in the UK may soon start consulting with patients remotely, with the government putting plans into place that could see younger and more forward-thinking GPs able to consult with younger and more forward-thinking patients via video chat tools. Read More >>

xbox one
You'll Sound a Bit More Human With Xbox One's Voice Chat

Microsoft's in-house geisha man Major Nelson has published some sample recordings of Xbox One's voice chat output, revealing that the console's chit-chat sounds markedly better than on Xbox 360. You'll be able to enjoy hearing strangers calling you a ***** **** in more clarity than ever. Read More >>

Skype Has 3D Video Calls Working "In the Lab" But is Unsure About a Public Launch

While Nintendo and the BBC are ditching 3D for the forseeable future, Microsoft's Skype messaging tool is looking to embrace the tech at some point with bosses claiming it's been experimenting with 3D capture and messaging in order to create a convincing "body double" effect. Read More >>

New Software Makes Skype Chats Way Less Awkward

Everybody who's ever done a video chat has felt the frustration. You call your pal using Skype or whatever so that you can see their face and they can see yours, but whoops, you're not even looking at each other. You're looking at the screen so your eyes are slightly off centre. Annoying! But maybe not for long. Read More >>

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Travelling Around the World with Skype Actually Looks Kind of Fun

Sure, we would all love to travel around the world and do stuff but then life, work, money and excuses get in the way. So why not try to do what comedian Mark Malkoff did? He Skyped with 162 different countries, traveling the world with technology. And though that sounds horrifying in that you have to talk to that many strangers, it's actually pretty fantastic to hear everybody's story and heart warming to see high fives across continents, scary faces made at the same time and the view of other people's life. Even learning languages looks fun. Oh yeah, Malkoff even Skyped with North Korea! [Mark Malkoff] Read More >>

Do You Skype Your Pets?

This one has caught me completely by surprise. Apparently over half of Brits actually Skype their pets, and a quick whip round the office says, yes, people really do Skype, FaceTime, Hangout, whatever, their pets. We're surrounded by secret pet-chatters -- are you one of them? Read More >>

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Skype 4.0 for Android: Same Skype, Totally New App

After announcing yesterday's 100 million Android-download milestone, Skype celebrated the occasion with a totally overhauled, refreshed Android app that's supposed to "make your interactions easier and put conversations first." And with a cleaner, lighter, and lightening fast UI, it may just live up to its promise. Read More >>

Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft and Even More Tech Companies Caught Spying For the US NSA (Updated)

Wow. Nothing is sacred. The Washington Post has discovered that the US' National Security Agency and the FBI have teamed up to tap into the servers of nine US tech companies—Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Apple, you name it—and have extracted e-mails, photographs, audio, video, documents and connection logs. They basically have free reign to take whatever they want. And they've been doing it since 2007. Read More >>

PSA: Your Skype Messages Aren't as Private as You Think They Are

Most people think of Skype as a secure means of communication, with messages kindly delivered using end-to-end encryption. But a new report by Ars Technica suggests that's far from the case — and Microsoft is often dipping into your communications. Read More >>

You Can Now Skype From Within a Browser

When it rolled out the new email service last year, Microsoft promised Skype integration — it's just taken quite a long time to arrive. It's not as neat as you might hope, though: to use the service, you'll need to install a browser plugin that bridges Skype and Read More >>

Microsoft Released 1,558 Pieces of "Content" to Authorities in 2012

Microsoft has updated the world on its interactions with the security forces of the world, revealing that it received 75,378 separate requests for information from police and local security services around the world during 2012. Read More >>

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I Would Actually Live In Skype's Awesome New London Office

OK, so Microsoft isn't quite Google when it comes to crazy offices, but Skype's new London HQ still looks pretty rad, in an I-would-actually-like-to-live-there kinda way, rather than a place that simply makes you ask, what the hell have they been smoking? Read More >>

Microsoft Killing Messenger on March 15th

You only have nine more weeks to glory in the history of Microsoft's chat tool, with the company announcing plans to entirely kill off Messenger by March 15th. You'll have to have switched over to Skype by then if you want to carry on chatting with your old MSN buddies, or living in China -- where the service will live on. [Forbes] Read More >>

Get a Month of Free, Unlimited Skype Worldwide Calling Right Now

Remember that short-lived, but extremely tasty free Premium Skype package Microsoft was punting for a month a while back? That let you call phone lines almost anywhere in the world for free, for as long as you like? Yep, well, it's back. Grab it now and annoy everyone everywhere with prank phone calls for free this Christmas. Read More >>

Best communication apps for your GALAXY Note II

The Samsung GALAXY Note II is a versatile communications tool with access to tons of apps that can help you stay in touch with friends or work remotely across the internet. Read More >>

Skype's Giving Everyone Free Unlimited Worldwide Phone Calling For an Entire Month, But Only If You Claim It Right Now

Time to call that long-lost Aunt in the middle of absolute nowhere; Skype's just announced you can now claim a whole month's worth of unlimited free world-wide landline and mobile calling, but only if you claim it by end of play today. Free phone calls? Why the hell not. Read More >>


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