Watch Eight BASE Jumps From Eight Pieces of Famous Architecture

Do you like modern architecture? What about stomach-churningly scary videos of people hurling themselves off tall things? Well, you're in luck: After four people were arrested for BASE jumping off of One World Trade last month, we took a look at other jumps from famous buildings. Read More >>

They're Finally Building the World's New Tallest Tower

For three years, the fate of Saudi Arabia's Kingdom Tower has hung in the balance. The kilometre-high tower, conceived in the heady days of the 2000s, has gone through multiple false starts and height chops since 2008. Now, its creators have set a date to begin construction. Read More >>

Why the US Government Will Spend £1.2 Million to Promote Wooden Skyscrapers

The US Department of Agriculture doesn't usually meddle in architecture, but this week at an event at the White House, it announced an unusual project: A $1 million (£600,000) competition for high-rise buildings built out of wood—and another million that will go to educating architects about it. Read More >>

14 Radical Skyscrapers That are More Than Just Buildings

These days, we think of tall buildings as profitable, if predictable, real estate tools. But at one time, skyscrapers were as technologically exciting as the Space Race. The eVolo Skyscraper Competition, now in its ninth year, aims to recapture some of that excitement. Read More >>

London is Building 230 New Towers and 80 Per Cent of Them are Housing

It seems like every big city is facing a major housing crisis. But things are looking up in London: not only is the city planning an astounding 230 new towers that will fundamentally change the skyline, but an impressive 80 per cent of those towers will be residential. Read More >>

How the World's Next Tallest Building Will be Built

A crucial step towards building the next tallest building on Earth is underway. Engineers on the Kingdom Tower, a proposed 1000-metre-high tower in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, are beginning tests to figure out how to pump wet concrete more than half a mile into the sky. Read More >>

The World's Tallest Building May Soon be Without Elevators or A/C

Rent at the 163-storey Burj Khalifa doesn't come cheap. While a one-bedroom "only" costs £33,000 a year, it's the £15,000 service fee that really gets you. Now, a fight over these fees may force tenants to make the climb home on foot. Read More >>

Photos of Post-Soviet High Rise Buildings are Grandiose and Surreal

Photographer Frank Herfort's recent book Imperial Pomp is a beautiful collection of images depicting a very strange breed of architecture in Russia. Read More >>

Watch America's Tallest Hotel Get Built in Less Than 60 Seconds

The only thing cooler than gawking at record-breaking architecture is watching record-breaking architecture get built. The tallest hotel in North America, a Marriott Residence Inn on top of a Marriott Courtyard, just opened in Times Square. This is what it took to build the tower. Read More >>

Inside the Highest Hotel Rooms on Earth

Hey there, thrill-seeker. Do you like altitude? Do you like views? Well, why not book a night in one of the tallest hotels on Earth? Read More >>

Skyscraper Candles Let You Safely Set the World on Fire

"I like watching these buildings burn," says Jing Jing Naihan Li, a young Beijing architect. That would normally come off as ominous, but in this case, it's awesome: Naihan makes candles that are modelled after the tallest buildings in the world. Because, after all, aren't skyscrapers just the candles on the glitter covered double chocolate ganache birthday cake that is the city? Read More >>

Feast Your Eyes Upon the Tallest Wooden Building the World Will Have Ever Seen

Not all is as it seems in this tower, planned for Stockholm: The floors and columns are all made from wood, rather than steel and concrete. In fact, the timber tower will be the tallest wood building ever built when it's finished in 2023. Why the wait? The architects, Berg | C.F. Møller, will spend the next few years testing the technology for safety and structural soundness. [Gizmodo; Bustler] Read More >>

London May Finish its Incomplete, Five-Year-Old Skyscraper After All

There's probably no greater symbol of the global financial collapse than London's Bishopsgate Tower, aka the Pinnacle. The building has sat unfinished for years, a stump-shaped reminder of 2008's presumptuous boom and flailing bust. Now, construction is set to resume—but is it a triumph or a warning? Read More >>

Zombie Towers: 5 Vacant or Foreclosed Skyscrapers Across the US

Tall buildings are economic bellwethers: Evidence suggests they tend to rise just before recessions, and they're the first to proverbially fall when the bubble bursts. Nowhere is that more obvious than mid-sized American cities. Read More >>

Should a Skyscraper's Spire Count Towards Its Total Height?

It's a hotly contested issue amongst architects and designers. Does a building's height stop at the highest usable floor, or should the spire above it count, too? What's the difference between a spire and an antenna? Does it really matter? Well, it does to the developer of the 541-metre-tall Freedom Tower. Read More >>

The Designers of the World's Tallest Buildings Aim to Build Wood Towers

Just when you had given up on trees, wooden buildings are back! Skidmore Owings & Merrill, the firm behind the Sears (Willis) Tower, One World Trade Center, and many other extremely tall buildings wants to make a 42-story skyscraper out of wood. Read More >>


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