Snore-Sensing Pillow Automatically Nudges You to Roll Over

It seems like snoring has become more of an epidemic than any of us have realized. At CES, Sleep Number revealed its IQ bed that lets bedmates silence a snoring partner. But now there's a pillow that can stop a deafening snorer all by itself. Read More >>

Counting Sheep Doesn't Actually Work, Just a Head's Up

In today's world we have lots of sleep aides like Tempur-Pedic beds and, uh, Ambien. But if you're still using the bore yourself to sleep method, some bad news is coming down the pike: Counting sheep doesn't work. Read More >>

Tokyo's Newest Cafe Rents Out Naps to Women On the Go

With women languidly stretched out across Tokyo's newest cafe's stock of pay-by-the-minute beds, you could hardly be blamed for assuming something a little more lascivious is going on. But that's not what Nap Cafe Corne is about. Women come to this particular spot for the one thing every working girl craves—shut-eye. Read More >>

Sleeping In Public Just Keeps Getting Easier

Like ostriches themselves, the Ostrich Pillow is enigmatic and generally fascinating. Who would use it? Is it appropriate for children? Is it a sex toy? Hard to say! But it looks downright comfortable for napping. The only issue is carrying it. Read More >>

What Would Happen If You Just Stopped Sleeping Forever

It's a Monday, so chances are you want to crawl back home and into bed, and sleep the day away. But what good is all that comatose-time doing you anyway? What if you just cut it out and were productive or something, instead? Read More >>

Nap-Anywhere Ostrich Pillow Does Away With Kids' Napping Woes, Friends

Travel with us, if you will, back to about a year ago when something called the Ostrich Pillow was making waves across the internet with its lofty promises of a napping revolution. But the Ostrich Pillow was made for full grown sleepyheads; no kids allowed—until now, that is. Today, you can purchase for your child or otherwise small-headed friend an Ostrich Pillow Junior. Because nothing helps kids grow up quite like the merciless mocking of their peers. Read More >>

This Desk-Bed Makes Snoozing at Work a Cinch

The mid-afternoon lull is a common problem. But if you often find yourself dribbling upon your keyboard during a short power nap at work, maybe you need something like this convertible desk, designed for specifically for snoozing, in your life. Read More >>

How to Sleep In Space

While you are sinking into you soft, pillow-top mattress — or pile of trash — there are a handful of human beings in space who take to their nightly respite a little differently, by strapping themselves into a zero-g space coffin. Apparently it's better than it sounds. Read More >>

Long Exposure Photographs Reveal How Lovers Sleep

I'm such a wild sleeper than sometimes I wake up in the most awkward of positions. Face planted, facing the wrong direction, diagonal, on the completely other side—you name it, I've woken up in it. I was always wanted to know my movement patterns. Photographer Paul Schneggenburger created a photography series that showed long exposure pictures of lovers asleep. You can see who the big spoon is! Read More >>

Nothing Tells Your Guests They're Not Welcome Like Making Them Sleep In a Pod

Do you deal with visiting family members during the holidays that more than overstay their welcome? This year try putting them up in one of these Podtime tubes, they'll quickly get the message that maybe they should have booked a hotel instead. Read More >>

A Layer of Insole Gel Promises To Make This Mattress as Comfy as Your Favourite Trainers

Riding high on its success with gel shoe inserts, Dr. Scholl's expanding its comfort empire with a line of Technogel sleep accessories covered in the same blue goo that you slide into your shoes—promising a comfy and cool night's sleep. Read More >>

Internet Company Vows to Beat the Olympics Congestion Nightmare By Sleeping at Work in Japanese-Style Pods

With all this talk about how the Olympics is going to kill the internet, and how all those tourists are going to clog up London’s arteries and make it an absolute nightmare for commuters, maybe sleeping at work is the horrifying solution. At least that’s what one data centre services firm that forms “an integral part of the UK’s digital backbone” is planning to do. Read More >>

Retractable Beds Let You Hide an Entire Living Room Under Your Mattress

If you live in an earthquake-zone, the idea of hanging an entire retractable bed from your ceiling probably seems ludicrous. But if you're crammed into a tiny flat, it might instead seem like pure genius. Read More >>


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