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This Compact Crossbow Is Quite Small

There's no governing body proclaiming this the world's smallest crossbow, but it's only slightly larger than a full-sized crossbow arrow so it's got to be up there. Our old pal Joerg designed this crossbow to be safe, with the arrow being fully encapsulated so it won't accidentally shoot off in an unexpected direction. Read More >>

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"Brain Slicer" Arrowheads Sound Like The Most Legit Arrowheads

What's a casual way to start a video? How about a fun little opening introducing what you're going to do or make. You could say something like, "Arrows are normally a good way to pierce a skull, but I'm concerned that [they] may not destroy enough brain matter." Light hearted fun! Read More >>

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This Axe Is Really Scary, and Then You Realise It Has A Slingshot Inside

This week Joerg invited some students from the Technical University of Munich to create general mayhem with him via a steel axe. But an axe by itself isn't menacing/relevant enough. It obviously has to double as a slingshot. And it does! The handle of the axe is hollow... Read More >>

A Rifle-Turned-Slingshot That Shoots Knives Is Terrifying

This week Joerg busted out a deactivated M16A1 rifle (which he obviously has) and turned it into a slingshot. The launcher band mounts on the underside of the rifle barrel, and the weapon shoots two Cold Steel "Hide Out" neck knives aka really scary/sharp little suckers. Read More >>

This Potato Bazooka Delivers the World's Most Fearsome Frozen Food

Any mischief-maker worth his property damage knows a thing or two about using spud-based projectile weaponry. Our good pal Joerg Sprave is no different, though his weapon of choice uses wood and rubber bands instead of PVC and hairspray. Read More >>

Survive In Style With This Foldable Emergency Crossbow Slingshot

If you're going to prepare for a disaster, you might as well cover all the contingencies, and that's exactly what Joerg Spave has done. With a coating of rubber. Chances are slim you'd find yourself hunting game in a post-apocalyptic wilderness, but in theory, this crossbow slingshot would be the way to go. And in practicality, it's just clever design. Read More >>

The Stink Master 2000 Brings Chemical Warfare To Your Backyard

Chemical warfare is generally frowned upon by the world at large, but stink bombs play an important role in any prankster's (read: jackasses') aresenal. The problem with stink bombs is, of course, collateral damage, specifically to the thrower. This custom-made bomb-launcher designed by Joerg Sprave would keep your nostrils safe from harm. Read More >>


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