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Watch a 150 Mouse Trap Chain Reaction in Super Slow Motion

They're a staple of cartoon prankery, but thanks to the magic of high-speed photography, we now have real-life proof that a room full of primed mouse traps is an awesome thing. The Slow Mo Guys put 150 of them on a table and then sacrificed themselves for science—and some awesome footage—by setting them off. Read More >>

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High-Speed Proof of an Airbag's Violent Life-Saving Power

It's been described as getting hit with a basketball thrown point blank at your face, but if you ever experience an airbag deployment you're probably not going to complain since it most likely saved your life. Unless you're a glass of water, as this wonderful high-speed footage reveals. Read More >>

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Lasso Tricks in Super Slow-Mo are Mesmerising

Learning to lasso is insanely difficult, but in this champion roper "Cowboy Craig" Ingram shows how it's done in super slow-motion on this BBC video. Read More >>

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A Hawk Attacking a Balloon in Slow Motion is a Graceful Murderous Ballet

There's no denying that everything looks cooler in slow motion, but birds of prey on the hunt are particularly mesmerising through the lens of a high-speed camera. This Goshawk is being lured into attacking a water balloon baited with a piece of meat, and its mid-air manoeuvres make our most advanced fighter planes look primitive. Read More >>

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MEMS: The Microscopic Switches That Make the Modern World Possible

Micro-ElectroMechanical Systems (MEMS) are minuscule mechanical switches that control the flow of electricity. That may not sound very impressive, but that simple mechanism is what allows the tiny sensors and actuators in modern electronics to work—the accelerometer in your phone and Occulus Rift, the sensor in your car that controls airbag deployment, the head of your ink-jet printer, the gyroscope in your game console controller—these, and countless other devices are all dependent on MEMS. Read More >>

Match Head Igniting at 4,000 FPS Looks Like Dying Alien Worlds

It's usually over in an instant, but when you capture macro footage of a match head igniting at 4,000 frames per second, suddenly that almost instantaneous event becomes a fascinating look into the science of fire and ignition. Read More >>

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Watch Water Dance in Slow Motion On GE's Superhydrophobic Surfaces

We already knew that hydrophobic surfaces are extremely fun—but they're even better in super slow motion. The Slow Mo guys recently paid GE a visit and shot some footage of their latest projects in their trademark super slow motion—including a hydrophobic coating GE is developing to keep wind turbines free of ice. Read More >>

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These Slo-Mo Ornament Explosions Are Like Christmas Fireworks

The 5th of November is great, but every holiday is improved by explosions. Every. Holiday. And slow motion? Even better. So here, for your post-Yuletide pleasure, are some Christmas baubles blowing up in festive slow-mo. Read More >>

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NASA Engineers Built an Insanely Complex Bullet-Time Rig For Fun

Back in May, our friend and ex-NASA JPL engineer Mark Rober, figured out a way to shoot "bullet time" videos on the cheap, with a ceiling fan, a pair of flashlights, and a GoPro. Pretty damn creative, but the rig had its limitations. So Mark set out to find a way to create a similar set-up, this time using a high-end Phantom camera. Thank goodness. Read More >>

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Blowing Up a Building In Slo-Mo Is a Great Way To Start the Month

Is there a better way to ring in November than watching a controlled explosion? Sure there is, if said explosion was captured by a Phantom Flex high-speed camera at 2,500 fps. The Slow Mo Guys are back and after playing around with a couple of grenades (please don't try that at home) they set their sights—or viewfinder—on their largest explosion yet. Read More >>

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Blowing Up Pumpkins with C4 and Detonating Cords Seems Way More Fun

What do you call the Halloween equivalent of being a Christmas Grinch? Because whatever it is, that's what I am now. Gone are the happy days of trick or treating and dressing up in clever costumes and getting the brain blitzed to an unrecognisable shade of matter and carving intricate pumpkins and so on, instead all I want to do is blow up pumpkins like our friends at Rated RR. He used C4 and det cord to create explosions better than any Halloween party. [Rated RR] Read More >>

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Dogs Shaking in Super Slow Motion Will Fix Any Bad Day

It's no secret that dogs plus great photography and super slow motion have the power to mend the wounds of the world. Who doesn't want more of that? You do. We all do. Here. Read More >>

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Watch These Giant Bubbles Exploding in Slow Motion

There are few better sentences than one that includes the words "giant", "bubbles", "exploding" and "slow motion". Well, there's one thing better: a video that fits that sentence. Read More >>

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Exploding Giant Bubbles Will Never Get Old

Though we can never be in awe of bubbles like we once were, we can still have fun with them. Lots of fun! And the easiest way to have more fun with bubbles is to go bigger and add in slow motion to capture the exploding bubbles. When you see these giant bubbles get popped in the park, they disappear instantaneously. When you see it in slow motion from Shanks FX, you see the water fireworks that follows the sphere-ish liquid amoeba. Read More >>

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Watch a Guy Hold Burning Fire with His Bare Hands in Slow Motion

The dancing orange wisps of fire looks like choreographed chaos when seen in slow motion. It dances, it burns, it shines and it's easy to get lost in it. But seeing burning fire is a lot different than actually holding it. The guys from Beyond Slow Motion used a nice little trick that never gets old to sprout fire from their bare hands. In slow motion. Read More >>

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Playing with Your Dogs in Matrix-style Bullet Time Looks So Fun

Slow motion and Matrix-style bullet time was invented for this and this only: dogs. As in playing with dogs and recording them in bullet time with 52 GoPro cameras set up to freeze time. The video itself is already fun (if you have a heart) but the behind the scenes footage is almost just as interesting (if you like cameras). Read More >>


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