This Wearable Abacus is Basically the World's Oldest Smart Ring

Smart rings may seem like something from an impossible (or at least highly unlikely) vision of the future, but surprisingly enough, tech you can wrap around your little finger isn't anything new. Just take this itty-bitty abacus from the 17th century as proof. Read More >>

Qualcomm Toq Review: Still Not Time For a Smartwatch

The smartwatches are coming, and they're coming fast. And while the big guys like Apple and Google havent chimed in yet, the party has definitely kicked off. Qualcomm might not be your first guess at an attendee, but it comes bearing a unique little gadget. It's not quite what you want, but it's at least a peek at what the good stuff might look like. Read More >>

iWatch Could Lead to Home Automation Apple Products

Even at this early stage of the bourgeoning smartwatch market, we think we can pretty much second guess what any connected wrist watch will offer, from health tracking apps to phone companion features. Apple's oft-touted iWatch could be a very different beast however, potentially acting as the catalyst for a whole bunch of Apple home automation products. Read More >>

Would You Wear a Watch That Knows When You Will Die?

"Time, the one thing money can't buy". If you ever use that old adage and a cynic replies that a chunk of cash can buy you a nice new Rolex, point them in the direction of the Tikker. Perhaps the most morbid Kickstarter of all time, it's a wristwatch that is claimed to be able to accurately predict the time of your death, down to the second. Read More >>

What Upcoming Tech Gadget Are You Most Excited For?

So we talked about smartwatches this entire week; we'll talk about the next iPhone and different colour options all of next week, and we'll eventually start seeing if the upcoming iPad and iPad Mini are worth a damn next month which will give way for a conversation about the Xbox One, PS4, Kinect, rumbling triggers and DualShock 4s before the holidays. Read More >>

Google Bought a Smartwatch Company

According to GigaOM, Google bought WIMM Labs last year to help develop its upcoming Android smartwatch. WIMM Labs was the maker of the WIMM One, a smart watch released a few years ago that ran a modified version of Android. Read More >>

How Typing on a Smart Watch Might Actually Make Sense

Called Zoomboard, the idea is that a small screen can contain a full QWERTY keyboard by smartly zooming as you type. Press down on part of the keyboard, and it zooms to show keys in just that area; pressing again types a letter. It also uses swipes to help you edit: swipe right to insert a space, left to delete, or up to see symbols. Read More >>

Report: Microsoft's Smart Watch Is Coming from the Xbox Team

It was no big surprise when the Wall Street Journal started reporting that Microsoft was working on a smart watch. Really, who isn't at this point? Now sources are telling The Verge that the watch is a thing, and that it's coming from the Xbox team. Read More >>

WSJ: Microsoft Is Designing a Touch-Enabled Watch

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Microsoft is working with suppliers to develop a new touch-enabled watch device, which sees it jumping on the same rumored bandwagon as Apple and Samsung. Read More >>

Why You'll End Up Wearing a Smart Watch

'People don't wear watches anymore. You'll look ridiculous. Why wouldn't you just use your smartphone instead'? These are just some of the negative sentiments skeptics are spewing about smart watches, which are still very much in their nascent stage. Guess what? They're wrong. Read More >>

Report: Google Is Making a Smart Watch Too

The Financial Times is reporting that Google is making its own version of a smart watch. What's interesting is that it's not Google's experimental arm 'X Labs' developing the watch, but rather Google's Android unit. According to the FT, this smart watch would be completely different from Samsung's smart watch (which is also reportedly in development). Google's version of the smart watch is rumoured to be an extension of Android onto the wrist. Read More >>

Samsung Exec Confirms Upcoming Smart Watch

Samsung's mobile executive VP Lee Young Hee has come out and confirmed that the company is hard at work preparing a new smart watch. Read More >>

Pebble Watch SDK Due in April, Mario Magic Empowered

That image there is the sort of bonkers output you can expect to see on the displays of Pebble smartwatches very shortly, thanks to the massive Kickstarter winner set to launch an early version of its software development kit to the public next month. Read More >>

The Nicest Apple iWatch Concept Yet

We've been hearing about a mythical Apple "iWatch" for a while now, to varying degrees of credibility, but this one from the April issue of MacUser magazine is probably the prettiest — and most plausibly Apple — interpretation we've seen. Read More >>

Apple Patents Bendy, Self-Powering, Bracelet Sci-Fi Smart Watch

If we saw this piece of futurist fantasy on Kickstarter we'd laugh at the absurdity of its claims, but this isn't the dream of a random madman. It's Apple's latest patent, which describes a twisty, bendy smart watch that connects to a larger device via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Read More >>

The First Batch of Pebbles Are Finally Shipping

Did you get in at the ground floor? Punt your money and take the risk of backing the Pebble smartwatch early on? Good news, the first batch of the beauties are actually shipping today. With a bit of luck you'll have yours within a week or two. You can even check your shipping here. Anyone expecting one? [Pebble] Read More >>


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