The Pledge From the Smartphone Industry That Could Stop Your Phone Being Stolen

The likes of Apple, Google, Microsoft and other major figures in the smartphone industry have signed a pledge that will make it harder to steal mobile phones—from July 2015, at least. Read More >>

Samsung Galaxy S5 Review: Less is So Much More

If you can say one thing about Samsung's Galaxy S line of smartphones, it's that they consistently pair some of the best hardware with inexplicable software. The S5 scales back Samsung's bells and whistles, which helps make it easily the best Galaxy phone yet. If only they'd gone even further. Read More >>

Report: This Could be Amazon's Rumoured 3D Smartphone

BGR, which has a solid track record on Amazon leaks, has photos it claims are the long-rumoured Amazon smartphone. According to the report, the phone sports six cameras, and a novel hardware interface that creates a glasses-free 3D effect. Read More >>

LG G3 to Bring 2K Smartphone Screens to the Mainstream

Aside from a few niche Chinese manufacturers that have looked to go beyond the confines of the 1080p display in a smartphone, such as Oppo with the Find 7, the 2K phone screen has so far eluded the mainstream. But LG's next flagship, the rumoured LG G3, will land with an eye-popping screen that will make Full HD displays look archaic. Read More >>

Report: Amazon is Showing Off its Smartphone That Could Hit This Year

We've been hearing about the rumoured 3D Amazon phone forever, but it's never shown up. According to the WSJ, however, Amazon is getting ready to launch this phone this year. Read More >>

Samsung's 2014 Rumoured to Involve Showing a Galaxy Note 4 at IFA

Samsung would appear to be sticking to its winning product lines and the timelines in which it updates them and makes everything half an inch or so bigger, with rumours from its homeland claiming the Galaxy Note 4 will appear at the IFA tech event as did its forefathers. Read More >>

Sony Xperia Z2 UK Release Date is Set for May Day

Sony's impressive waterproof flagship smartphone, the Xperia Z2, finally has a release date after being first revealed at MWC 2013. Carphone Warehouse is the first phone retailer to announce its pricing and release plans, selling the phone from May 1st -- two weeks ahead of the competition. Read More >>

Pics of Rumoured Samsung Galaxy F Show Premium Design and Quad HD Screen (Updated)

This thing here, according to a new smartphone leaker in town, is the Samsung Galaxy F, Samsung's rumoured "super premium" model that takes things up a notch from the popular Galaxy S range. A quad HD display is one delight that awaits, if it's a real thing. Read More >>

Nokia's Lumia 1020 Squeezes a Pro-Grade Camera Into a Smartphone, Into Your Pocket

Laptop, tablet, eReader, charger, battery pack -- your bag is full enough before you even start thinking about cramming a dedicated camera in there too. But these days, you don't need to have a hulking DSLR with you to capture that epic view or blistering down-the-front gig moment. All you need is a Nokia Lumia 1020. Read More >>

A New Document Details Apple's Supposed Concern Over Competitors

In a recent ongoing trial between Apple and Samsung, an interesting document was brought up as evidence -- a document that noted concern about Apple's decreased share of the mobile phone market. Read More >>

A Slimline Galaxy S5 Zoom Could Make the Phone Part of the S4 Zoom Frankencamera Useful

A tip of the hat is in order for Samsung's brave Galaxy S4 Zoom camera-smartphone mash-up attempt, which fused an optical zoom camera lens with the guts of an Android phone. A pity then it was so ugly. For its next trick, Samsung is rumoured to be working on the Galaxy S5 Zoom cameraphone, and is making it look more like, well, a phone. Read More >>

Rumour: Forget the Sony Xperia Z1 Compact, There's a Z2 Mini on the Way

Blimey, that was quick -- less than three months after unveiling the impressive Xperia Z1 Compact at CES, and just weeks after pulling the covers off the Xperia Z2 flagship at MWC in Barcelona, and we're already hearing whispers of an Xperia Z2 Compact on the way too. Read More >>

Vine Gets Direct Messaging

Almost six month's after Instagram led the march in direct messages, Vine is now catching up with its own private video messaging service—the biggest update the app has seen yet. Read More >>

European Mobile Data Charges Will be Scrapped From 2015

Planning a trip across Europe for 2015? Well you can knock sorting out roaming packages from your to-do list. Members of the European Parliament have today agreed a ban on mobile network roaming fees across the continent. Croissants and paella for all! Read More >>

Nokia Lumia 930 Hands-On: An Icon by Any Other Name

If you've had your eye on Nokia's Icon and were miffed to find that its Verizon network exclusivity would forever keep it from UK shores, breathe easy -- Nokia's new Lumia flagship, the Nokia Lumia 930 smartphone, is essentially the same phone. Read More >>

Nokia Lumia 930: The First Flagship for Windows Phone 8.1

Nokia just announced the first phone for Windows Phone 8.1. Meet the Nokia Lumia 930. It'll be available from June for about £360, before carrier subsidies. Read More >>


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