Rumour: Google's Smartwatch is Nearly Ready for a March Launch

Smartwatches: We love 'em, we hate 'em. Great on paper, but so far failing to deliver on the promise of the Dick Tracey awesomeness they always tease, everyone from Samsung to Sony (and indies like the Pebble) has had a go. And now Google is reportedly ready to enter the fray, hopefully to lead the way in Android smartwatch design. Read More >>

Looks Like Samsung's Second-Gen Smartwatch Might Come in Two Flavours

Noted leaker Evleaks tweeted an image this morning purportedly showing two versions of the new Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch. The image indicates Samsung might add a "Neo" version, possibly a budget model along the lines of the iPhone 5C. That's not a guarantee (this is, after all, merely a leak), but perhaps this is what we'll see at Samsung's "Unpacked" event on Monday.  [Evleaks via The Verge] Read More >>

New Rumours Suggest Apple's iWatch is a Simple Peripheral and No Smartwatch Powerhouse

More possible facts about Apple's forthcoming wearable device have appeared online, with the latest rumours suggesting it's likely to be a Bluetooth-only companion device, rather than an all-out attempt to shoehorn modern smart features into a watch. After all, make it too good and people won't buy iPhones. Read More >>

Rumour: Apple's Smartwatch Could Use Wireless Charging and Solar Power

The New York Times reports that Apple is researching new technologies to charge its products—and it could see its smartwatch come equipped with solar charging capabilities. Some day. Read More >>

Sony Plans New Smartwatch Push in 2014, But Might Calm Down on Releasing so Many Mobiles

Sony Mobile has issued a 2013 retrospective blog post, primarily as a reminder of all the very decent phones it launched over the last 12 months. As for 2014, it has a couple of hints about what we may see, suggesting more smartwatch action and a later than usual launch of its next flagship smartphone. Read More >>

Qualcomm Toq Review: Still Not Time For a Smartwatch

The smartwatches are coming, and they're coming fast. And while the big guys like Apple and Google havent chimed in yet, the party has definitely kicked off. Qualcomm might not be your first guess at an attendee, but it comes bearing a unique little gadget. It's not quite what you want, but it's at least a peek at what the good stuff might look like. Read More >>

Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch to Get Third-Party Notifications and Maybe Become Useful

Samsung is fixing a big drawback of the Galaxy Gear smartwatch, allowing it to display notifications from third-party apps. Starting this week, Gear wearers will be able to read Gmail, Facebook Messenger, Twitter and other notifications on their wrist, rather than having to fish out their phone. [Engadget via 9to5Google] Read More >>

Sony to Target Elderly Tech Fans With Wearable Smart Wig Patent?

Sony's engineers have filed a patent for a new form of wearable tech, only this one differs from the watches and glasses currently doing the rounds. Sony's come up with the idea of a smart wig, with embedded rumble tech to tap the wearer on the scalp when they get a message. Read More >>

Samsung's Galaxy S4, S3 and Note 2 Can Now Play With the Galaxy Gear

And all it took was a simple Android update! With Samsung's Galaxy S4, S3 and Note 2 now rocking Android 4.3, the Galaxy Gear smartwatch can finally work with a few phones that people actually have. Read More >>

"Moto G" -- Could This Be the Name for the Google Smartwatch?

The Google smartwatch -- awaited with almost as much breath-baiting as the rumoured iWatch -- might've just got a name, thanks to Motorola, Google's hardware division, registering the trademark "Moto G". Read More >>

Bloomberg: HTC Is Building a Smartwatch Ready for 2014

Smartwatch rumours seem to be a dime-a-dozen these days, and now here's another: Bloomberg is reporting that HTC has been working on an Android-based smartwatch. Read More >>

lightning review
Sony SmartWatch 2 Review: Um...Third Time the Charm?

The Sony SmartWatch 2 may not offer up the feast of features of its Samsung rival, but perhaps simplicity is the way to go with smartwatches. Has Sony managed to nail it, or like the first SmartWatch incarnation, is this the second-worst thing Sony's ever made? Read More >>

Google "Gem" Smartwatch Project May Arrive This Month

Google may be set to thrust its wrist into the smartwatch fray, with a possible announcement of a Google or Nexus branded wearable device coming as soon as this month. Read More >>

The Galaxy Gear Will Cost £110 More In The UK Than in the US

Once again, the little currency-conversion elves have struck. Rather than charging the same (already high) price for their new Galaxy Gear smartwatch, Samsung's just TipEx-ed out the dollar sign, meaning this season's least fashionable watch will run you £299, or about £110 more than it would if Samsung could do maths. Read More >>

Galaxy Gear, Creepshots, and the Gross Future

Samsung's brand new smartwatch—Galaxy Gear—is awkward, bulky, and probably unnecessary. But thanks to its perfectly placed discreet camera, it's a killer creepshot-snapping machine. Great.
We've talked about the creepshot problem in the context of Google Glass, which with its first-person perspective camera has its own set of privacy problems. That's why it's been summarily banned from strip clubs, movie theatres, and bars—exactly the types of places rife with incriminating creepshot (or outright illegal) potential. Read More >>

What I Really Want From a Smartwatch

The arrival of Samsung’s long-heralded Galaxy Gear has cinched it – for better or worse, smartwatches are now a thing. There’s just one problem – no one’s really worked out what the hell a smartwatch actually is yet. Read More >>


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