Cigarette-Smoking Bird Starts London House Fire

A mysterious house fire was eventually pinned on a bird by investigators, who decided that the only possible explanation for a roof fire was a bird carrying a partially lit cigarette home for a few relaxing puffs in its nest. The fire brigade believes the bird fell asleep and the cigarette set its sofa and nest alight, taking out the roof of several flats in the process. [LFB via BBC] Read More >>

Here's What Happens When a Motorsport Maker Designs a Hookah

Hookahs, with their long history in Middle Eastern cultures, often all look the same by the time they reach the west: wrinkly tubes emanating from an overly-colourful glass lamp decorated with glitter glue. But this modern incarnation of the ancient smoking device is so drop-dead gorgeous, you'll want to display it on your mantelpiece. Read More >>

Let the Sun Spark Your Cigarette With This Solar-Powered Lighter

Perfect for smokers who live in windy cities, this compact parabolic reflector lets you harness the sun as your own personal lighter—one that's immune to even the strongest winds. Read More >>

14 Absurd Ads From Before We Knew Cigarettes Could Kill You

Fifty years ago today, in 1964, the US Surgeon General released one of the most progressive documents on smoking of its time, stating definitively that, yes, smoking tobacco can indeed be fatal. With it, the Untied States' cigarette culture began its (often frustratingly, grudgingly slow) overhaul from one of hipness and health to shame and decrepitude. Read More >>

Tobacco Eating Caterpillar Has Toxic Nicotine Filled Breath

Nicotine is a poison—in fact, poisonous enough to use as a pesticide and poisonous enough to use for murder. That's why tobacco plants bother to make nicotine in the first place: to keep insects less industrious than the tobacco hornworm from chomping on its leaves. (Interesting, isn't it, that humans have created a whole industry out of drugging themselves with nicotine, a social exposure to plant toxins.) To eat nicotine filled plant leaves, tobacco hornworms first need to safely get rid of the poison in its waste — but it also keeps some of the nicotine as a special, nasty surprise. Read More >>

The US Government's War on E-Cigarettes

It's here, folks. The battle royale between the regulators and the people over e-cigarettes is upon us. It started a few years ago, calmly, but with New York City banning vaping in public places, the knives are about to come out. Read More >>

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What Happens When You Drop a Red Hot Nickel Ball in E-Cig Liquid

E-cigs are all the rage with the coolest cyborg-wannabes, but even though there's no real fire involved, the syrup inside those glowing nic-stix is still plenty flammable. And who better to show you than everyone's favourite Red Hot Nickel Ball. Read More >>

EU Bans Menthol Cigarettes, But Leaves the Door Open for an E-Cig Future

The EU has voted through new laws on smoking, which will see the menthol variety banned from sale. There's good news for fans of e-cigarettes, though, as they've escaped with little more than a tightening on advertising guidelines. Read More >>

Planned Prison Smoking Ban May Cause Mass Riots

Concerns over staff suing the prison service due to the effects of passive smoking may lead to a full ban on smoking in English and Welsh prisons from 2015, with a pilot ban set to start in early 2014. Read More >>

Pretend Cigarettes Banned From More UK Trains and Stations

Those delicious meat-flavoured e-cigarettes are quickly making new enemies in the UK, with the smokeless nicotine machines finding themselves banned from an increasing number of public places. Our rail stations are quickly stubbing them out. Read More >>

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Smoko E-Cigarettes Video Review: Absinthe, Roast Chicken, and Chocolate Cigs, Anyone?

Any time I find myself having a down day at work (unruly commenters; numerous spreadsheets...), I'm just going to remind myself that I've got the kind of job where I can occasionally do something like test absinthe-flavoured e-cigs by knocking back a swig of absinthe at 3pm on a sunny weekday outside our local boozer. All in the name of REVIEWS! Read More >>

Ex-Microsoft Man Planning World's First Legal Marijuana Brand

Jamen Shively, who in a very different previous corporate life was a strategy manager for Microsoft, wants to create a legal marijuana brand. He eventually hopes his entirely legal product will become the Starbucks of funny-smelling cigarettes. Read More >>

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How to Live With a Smoker Without Smelling Like One

Stale tobacco smell. It clings to clothing, permeates wall paint, and saturates upholstery, and brands everything it touches with that unmistakable scent. Here's how to keep from smelling like an ashtray just because your roommate won't show the common courtesy of cracking a window. Read More >>

The Best E-Cigarette

If you're looking to give up smoking, and the usual nicotine replacement therapies just aren't cutting it, electric cigarettes could be the answer you're looking for. E-cigarettes generate a nicotine-enriched vapour that isn't covered by the smoking act, which is why they've been spotted more and more frequently in the wild -- in bars, bookshops, cafes and even causing a stir on a Megabus. Read More >>

Smoking's Horrendous, But if You Must Do It, Quit Before You're Thirty to Add 10 Years to Your Life

Unsurprisingly, smoking's lethal, but apparently if you manage to quit before you're thirty there's a chance you'll tack another 10 years onto your life. And no, one to nine cigarettes a day, aka 'light smoking,' doesn't make a difference -- the fags will still kill you. Read More >>

Heavy Dope Use as a Teen Permanently Lowers Your Adult IQ

A long-running investigation into cannabis use has found a strong link between hammering it as a teenager and growing up stupid, with the IQs of more keen users dropping as a result of years of early use. Read More >>


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