A Man Was Caught Smuggling Almost 14 Percent of an Entire Species

Last week at the Suvarnabhumi International Airport in Bangkok authorities arrested a Thai man after discovering 54 Ploughshare Tortoises in a suitcase he retrieved from a luggage carousel. That's a lot of tortoises, particularly when you consider that the Ploughshare is one of the rarest species on the planet, numbering just 400 around the world. Read More >>

Woman Caught Smuggling Cocaine Inside Her Breasts

A woman has been arrested by airport police carrying almost three pounds of cocaine in her breasts. Not in her bra, no—inside her breasts. You can see the cocaine implants in this image. They are 1.5 pounds each. Read More >>

How Many Smuggled iPhones Can You Hide In a Beer Bottle?

iPhones are a hot commodity for smugglers. We already know that an old lady can stuff 44 iPhones in her stockings. But thanks to the most recent bust in China, we now know how many will fit in a beer bottle. Read More >>

Yes, Prisoners Carry iPhones in Their Arses

If you think the mobile phone explosion of recent years has somehow been kept at bay by prison walls, you would be greatly mistaken. Technology, like water, permeates every crack. Today on Lockdown, we're talking phones in jail. Read More >>


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