Oh Great, Surgeons Want to Shove These Robot Snakes Down Our Throats

In addition to completely freaking us out, it turns out that the robotic snakes being developed at universities like Carnegie Mellonsome serve some practical purposes as well. A company called Medrobotics Corporation will soon begin marketing robot snake-assisted surgical device designed to crawl down a patient's throat. Yeah, that's far less creepy. Read More >>

Snake Eats Crocodile as Amazed Locals Take Photos

This is what you look like on Christmas Day, only instead of the outline of a crocodile it's the outline of 12 Terry's Chocolate Oranges in your bloated torso. It's a snake, eating something much wider than itself. It will almost certainly be asleep in front of its television for the rest of the month. Read More >>

Scientists Have Had it With Those Mother***ing Snakes on the Mother***ing Island of Guam

Dead mice loaded up with poison have been dumped out of an airplane above the island of Guam, as part of an ongoing effort to eradicate an invasion of tree snakes that's hurting the island's prosperity. Read More >>

Australian Drivers Film Their Own Windscreen Wiper Snake Abuse

A couple of Australian drivers somehow ended up with a venomous Red-Bellied Black snake on their car, which the genius behind the wheel then tried to dislodge with a flick of the windscreen wipers. Not the best idea. Read More >>

No No No. That Creepy Robot Snake Strangles on Contact Now

We've been following the development of Carnegie Mellon's robotic snake for some time now. And as much as it's a brilliant piece of technology, it's also downright scary how realistically it can slither across the ground or up a tree. But it turns out that's no where near as unsettling as its latest trick. Read More >>

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A Rattlesnake Looks Even More Deadly in Slow Motion

Rattlesnakes, especially the diamondback, are some of the most lethal animals in the world. They're also frighteningly cool, with that unique rattle at the end of their tails that lets you know they're there and could kill you. But how exactly do they make that distinctive rattle sound? Slow motion explains. Read More >>

Guam's Solving Its Snake Problem With a Horrifying Rain of Poisoned Mouse Paratroopers

Guam has a problem with brown tree snakes. Specifically, it has two million brown tree snakes, and they're slowly decimating the country's other native species. So scientists have come up with a solution, the only logical one really: fill a bunch of dead mice with painkillers, give each corpse a tiny parachute, and throw them all out of helicopters into the jungle. No but really. Read More >>

Snakes on a Plane Forced a Plane to Make an Emergency Landing

Sometimes you have just had it with those motherfucking snakes on a motherfucking plane. Samuel L. Jackson knows this all too well. And now, ninety passengers aboard an Egypt Air flight from Cairo to Kuwait know too. An Egyptian Cobra bit a man and started slithering under the seats of an aeroplane forcing the pilot to make an emergency landing. Read More >>

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This Robotic Water Snake is Both Graceful and Utterly Terrifying

Do snakes freak you out? How about the idea of being hunted down and killed by robots either of their own accord, or on orders from someone else? If you said yes to either of those questions, chances are you'll find this video a little freaky, but enthralling nonetheless. Read More >>

This 26 Pound 36,000 Calorie Gummy Python Will Probably Still Kill You

Ironically, dying at the hands of a real python would probably be less agonsing than the prolonged torture of consuming this eight foot long, 26 pound / 11.7kg, 36,720 calorie gummy snake. You can grab one in Blue Raspberry/Green Apple or Red Cherry/Blue Raspberry for £95; just make sure your last will and testament is complete before ordering. Read More >>

Snake Bites Man, Man Bites Snake; MAN WINS

Rice farmer Mohammed Salmodin struck a great blow for mankind against the reptilian world, biting a poisonous cobra to death after it dared to bite him. Read More >>

We Need To Stop Developing These Creepy Pole Climbing Robot Snakes Immediately

Watching this robotic snake almost effortlessly slither its way up a pole and onto this researcher's arm leads to one obvious conclusion—this research must be stopped. Like immediately. Read More >>

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X-Ray of Two-Headed Snake Is Your Mythical Creature Come to Life of the Day

Snakes are cool. Two-headed snakes are awesome. X-rays of two-headed albino snakes are amazing. Read More >>

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Man Braves Snake To Retrieve Cash From ATM Machine

What if you were trying to get money out of the ATM machine, and instead you got a snake? That's what happened to this poor bastard at a Caja Madrid bank on his way to work. But he reached past the slithering creature and grabbed his money anyway. Brave! Read More >>


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