YouTube Video Provides Evidence That Cats Can't Help Sneezing to Dubstep

Due to high levels of sub-bass frequencies, Dubstep is one of those musical genres that produces strong physical and behavioural reactions in humans. People often feel a vibrating sensation in their chest and a compulsive urge to nod their heads. Cats on the other hand, apparently can't help sneezing along the rhythm, as evidenced by this convincing YouTube video. [YouTube via Buzzfeed] Read More >>

Allergies Could Have Evolved to Protect Us

Summer's virtually here, which means soon many of us will be incapacitated through sneezes, coughs, and itchy eyes. While allergies are a pain in the ass, they may not be the misguided immune responses many scientists have believed them to be. In fact, a new theory is emerging which suggests that they may have evolved to protect us. Read More >>


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