What If Doctor Who Was a Cheesy 16-bit RPG?

Strip Doctor Who of its BBC production values, translate it into a 16-bit role playing game, and you have something so deliciously geeky that it really ought be made a reality. Read More >>

Play Whole Bunch of SNES and NES Games For Free, Right In Your Browser

It's Friday, it's kind of cold, yet sunny outside, and you sure as hell don't want to be stuck in work. But if you have to be physically present at your desk, you could do so much worse than playing a whole bunch of Nintendo classics like Super Mario World, Super Mario Kart, Zelda, Bomberman, and Street Fighter, free and right in your browser. Read More >>

You Can Buy Every Single SNES Game Ever for £15,000

If you have 15 grand lying around and gathering dust, why not spend it on buying every single Super Nintendo game ever? YES. DO IT. Also, why not hang out with me after you buy it so we can play all 721 SNES games you just bought? Sounds like a plan! Read More >>

Here Are All of Nintendo's Video Game Consoles

Nintendo has an eternal soft spot in my heart. The NES, SNES, N64, GameBoy and DS had a lasting impact on my childhood. The original Wii was the most fun I had playing video games in a long time. Nintendo probably means the same for you! (unless you were a Sega and Sony guy). Watch this video to see the all the video game consoles that Nintendo has ever made. It's a walk back memory lane. [YouTube via Geekosystem] Read More >>

This Mario Kart Mod Is the Answer to All at-Home Fitness Regimes

Let’s be honest here, exercising for the sake of exercising is just plain dull. Going to the gym blatantly sucks too, but what if you could gamify it, 16-bit-style? Meet the SNES Mario Kart exercise bike and truly revel in a seriously hard workout. Read More >>

Retrode 2 Hooks Up Old-Skool Controllers and Cartridges To Your Computer

We love a bit of retro gaming here at Gizmodo, but there's one common flaw: playing old console games without the original controller just doesn't feel quite right. Retrode 2 can help with that. Read More >>

gaming app of the day
Mega Man X for iPhone: The Blue Bomber Returns for this Classic SNES Adventure

Purists might insist on calling him "Rockman", in keeping with the original Japanese name, but there's no quibbling over the sterling gameplay that's garnered Mega Man a dedicated following. Mega Man X is a benchmark in the series, the blue bomber's first outing on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System way back in 1993, and nearly two decades later it arrives on the App Store. How does it hold up? Read More >>


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