Microsoft Will Leave Email Snooping Up to the Authorities Now

After last week's uproar over Microsoft's 2012 snooping in a blogger's Hotmail account, the company says it will no longer perform its own email snooping in criminal cases. In an official blog post today, Microsoft Executive Vice President Brad Smith said that, effective immediately, when investigations occur, "we will not inspect a customer's private content ourselves. Instead, we will refer the matter to law enforcement if further action is required." Which sounds like what should've been protocol in the first place. Read More >>

Hundreds of Police Sacked and Forced to Resign for Snooping on Ex-Wives and Kids

Stats on police disciplinaries have uncovered over 2,000 data protection breaches since 2009, with some police using their privileged access to national databases to check out their partners and kids, and also giving out inappropriate case data on social networks. Read More >>

Do You Really Care That GCHQ Is Spying on Your Internet?

Friday night brought the revelation that the UK government is watching, or more specifically its GCHQ digital lapdog is. Following on the from the US PRISM scandal, it seems the UK is going even further. The thing is, do you really care? Read More >>

Kim Dotcom: Super-Paranoid, Mega Email Is on the Way

Are you a tiny bit paranoid that people are reading your email? You know, those that aren't meant to be reading your email. I have good news for you. Kim Dotcom's bringing Mega-style email your way -- fully encrypted, government-snooping proof email. Read More >>

This Instagram-Street View Mash-Up Is a Stalker's Wet Dream

As if Instagram wasn't already an amazing way to snoop on what people are doing around the entire planet, a new website called The Beat lets you see exactly where the photographs were taken, too. Read More >>

How Rental PCs Loaded With Spyware Snooped on and Photographed Their Users

When you pay to use a computer, you don't expect it to be tracking your each and every digital move as a result. But that's exactly what happened to Aaron's Sale and Leasing customers — who had their rental computers snooped on in incredible detail. Read More >>

Ads in Internet Explorer Could Be Tracking Your Mouse

If you still use Internet Explorer, there's more to worry about than a crappy browsing experience. Microsoft has confirmed that it's looking in to a "mouse tracking" flaw, which affects IE 6 through 10. Read More >>

Google: Government Surveillance Is on the Rise

Google's released its twice-yearly transparency report, and there's one message within it that rings loud and clear: the US government is spying on us harder than ever. Read More >>

Kim Dotcom Suspected Government Snooping Because of a 150 Millisecond Connection Delay in Modern Warfare 3

According to the New Zealand Herald, Kim Dotcom suspected he was being spied because of a 150 millisecond connection delay while playing his favourite game—Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Read More >>

The Government's Slipped the Ability to Scan Your Postcards and Mail Into Its Draft Super-Snooper Bill

The internet isn't the only thing the government wants to monitor with its back-from-the-dead super snooper bill -- it seems it also wants to scan all your post cards and mail. Apparently it isn't planning to actually enact the law, but it's written there, bold as brass. Read More >>

Renewed "Snooper's Charter" Internet History Bill About to be Published

Home Secretary Theresa May is pressing on with the idea of bringing in some amazingly strict new online monitoring rules for the UK, which will see our every click, like, email and gaming session recorded and kept on file for 12 months. Read More >>

New Forensics Tool Can Slurp a Phone's Data via the Cloud

The police don't even need to touch your phone anymore to know how you've been using it. A new off-the-shelf forensics tool lets cops retrieve all the data they want from your iPhone by accessing its contents through iCloud. Read More >>

Say Hello to Big Brother: The Queen's Brought a Modified Version of That Horrendous Internet Snooping Bill Into Draft

Looks like we're not getting away totally scot-free from that seriously scary, almost Chinese-style internet snooping bill. It's made it through today's Queen's speech in a draft form, complete with on-demand site, email address, social media and phone-number access, so the government can see who you contacted; what you were looking at, and for how long. Read More >>

Say Goodbye to Privacy: The UK Proposes Chinese-Style Internet Snooping

The UK is set to take Big Brother into the 21st century, Chinese-style, if the government’s plans to snoop on your web browsing, email, and phone calls are pushed through. GCHQ could be given the power to monitor your internet activities in real-time without a warrant – the same kind of tactics employed by both China and Iran. Read More >>


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