Watch a Mad Scientist Build and Ride a Heated Snowboard

It's easy to forget on the slopes, but your speed depends on the thin film of water created by your snowboard (or skis). So it follows that more heat below your feet would mean more speed, right? Signal Snowboards's Dave Lee just built a heated snow board to find out. Read More >>

Watch Bacteria Instantly Turn Water Into Ice

How does it work? It's the same principle behind how snow forms in the atmosphere (and in artificial snow machines, too—we'll get to that later). An ice crystal needs to form around a nucleus, which can be a bit of dust, soot, pollen, or, as we've seen, bacteria. Pure water doesn't have to crystallise into ice until it's as cold as -48 C below zero. In the demo here, the water has been supercooled to about -29 C, but it only freezes over after the P. syringae is added. Read More >>

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A Microscopic Time-Lapse of Snowflakes Forming is Hauntingly Beautiful

Snowflakes never fail to stun when viewed up close, but this microscopic time-lapse of them forming is particularly special. Read More >>

Experimental Architecture: Ice-Climbing Structures

The design and fabrication of artificial ice-climbing structures is an incredible form of experimental architecture. The resulting constructions are often astonishing: ice-covered loops, ledges, branches, and towers reminiscent of the playful 1960s experiments of Archigram, yet serving as some of the most spatially interesting athletic venues in all of today's professional sports. Read More >>

The Great and Secret Salt Heist That Saved the Sochi Olympics

Believe it or not, salt is an incredibly important tool when you're trying to keep a ski mountain running during a warm spell. Unfortunately, the organisers of the Sochi Games did not believe this fact, and late last week, that oversight almost ruined the Olympics. Read More >>

Efficient New Skyscrapers Are Raining Chunks of Ice Down On Us

One particularly cold, sunny day, thousands arriving in Lower Manhattan were forced to reroute their commute. All because huge slivers of ice were cracking off One World Trade Center and plunging hundreds of feet down onto the street. And it isn't alone. Read More >>

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Here's What 12 Inches of Overnight Snowfall Looks Like in 45 Seconds

Check out this GoPro footage capturing more than 12 inches of snow piling up over one night, made by YouTube user bshenal. Read More >>

This RC Snowplow Lets You Shovel Your Driveway From Your Living Room

This six-wheel-drive remote control robot snow plow is powered by six 24-volt 127RPM electric motors. Its 1.3-metre-wide blade can clear your driveway in no time, all from the comfort of the warm indoors. Read More >>

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How Sochi is Making it Snow in a Subtropical Resort

So far, the Sochi Olympics has had its share of difficulties. But there might be a sort of reasonable explanation for that! You see, while Sochi's organisers were letting everything else fall to the wayside, they were busy perfecting the one thing totally out of their control: the weather. Here's how Sochi—which is reaching a high of 10 degrees celsius today—made it snow. Read More >>

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This Graceful Drone Flight Reveals the Gnarled Reality of Antarctica

Antarctica looks amazing from space—but this video shows that its gnarled canyons and caves look equally impressive close-up, too. Read More >>

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Shovelling Snow is Way, Way Harder in Antarctica

If you think shifting of a couple of inches of snow from your front path once or twice a year is hard, you'll quit your whining after you see this video of teams clearing winter snow at the Princess Elisabeth research station in Antarctica. Read More >>

Russia's Hiring Shamans to Make Sure the Winter Olympics Has Snow

It might seem strange for Russia to be concerned about its snow stock considering the country's reputation as a frozen, subarctic tundra. But the country also just so happens to be hosting the upcoming Winter Olympics in one of its sole subtropical destinations, Sochi. So what are they to do? Send in the shamans, naturally. Read More >>

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This is What Happens When Boiling Water Meets Freezing Air

It is -41C outside. You fire-up the kettle to make a cup of warming tea when you spot your kid's not-used-since-summer water gun abandoned in the corner. There's only one thing for it isn't there? Read More >>

Forget Frosty: Here's How To Make Your Very Own Urban Igloo

Snowmen are great. Everyone loves a good snowman! But if you're expecting piles and piles of the white stuff this year, have a ton of free time on your hands, and want to make something truly cool, why not go all out and construct an urban igloo? Read More >>

Swedish Ice Hotel Adds London Tube Train to Chiselled Exhibits

The ICEHOTEL, in a region that calls itself Swedish Lapland, has completed this year's collection of ice-made artistic treasures, which include a suite inspired by the London Underground's 150th anniversary. All the fun of being on the tube without any of the sweat. Read More >>

The Other-Worldly Architecture of Avoriaz, a Ski Resort in France

All I want for Christmas is a trip to Avoriaz. I had never heard of this place before finding it on Alastair Philip Wiper's site; the ace photographer has been documenting the French ski resort for years, and I've never seen anything quite like it. The more I read about it, the more I want to go. Read More >>


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