Pay Homage to Two Hip Hop Legends With Biggie and Tupac Snowboards

You don't have to be loyal to only the East Coast or the West Coast to appreciate these Biggie and Tupac Trouble Boards from Yes Snowboards. Read More >>

Solar Snowboard Charges Your Gear When You're Done Carving

The talented folks at Signal Snowboards are back with one of their most practical creations yet. Using a sheet of ultra-thin solar cells from a company called Powerfilm Solar, they created a board that harnesses the sun's rays and turns them into usable electricity for charging a small device. Read More >>

Fly Fishing Snowboard Bridges Summer and Winter Pursuits

Those who like to stay active all year long probably have a basement filled with gear that can only be used during certain parts of the year. So the folks at Signal Snowboards decided to build something that could be enjoyed whether it was balmy or snowy outside with this versatile fly fishing snowboard. Read More >>

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Night Snowboarding in an LED Suit Is Mesmerizing to Watch

What do you get if you combine a pro snowboarder, and LED suit, and a deserted French ski slope? Maybe one of the most mesmerizing sports videos you'll ever see, that's what. Read More >>

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Watch This Snowboarder Survive an Avalanche By Floating On an Airbag

Meesh Hytner was doing typical pro-snowboarder things, participating in an informal backcountry competition in Colorado, when suddenly she found herself in a class-3 avalanche. Lucky for her, she was wearing an emergency airbag system, and lucky for you, there's video. Read More >>

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360-Degree Trucks Make This Skateboard Ride Like a Surfboard

Fixed skateboard trucks, no matter how loose, just can't flex enough to match the carving ability and dynamic movement of a surfboard. The SurfSkate's specially-designed front truck, however, lets you carve tarmac like swells in the Pacific. Read More >>

How to Carve and Paddle Your Way Down the Slopes with a Big Stick

The worst part of snowboarding? Getting stuck on the flats, having to uncouple your boot, pedal along like a schmuck — all the while hoping you don't get run down from behind. Bugger that. The Kahuna Snow Stick turns your snowboard into reliable cross-country transportation. Read More >>


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