Apple's Lightning Digital AV Adapter Hides a Tiny Computer

Apple's Lightning Digital AV Adapter is 40 quid. That's expensive. Apple's Lightning Digital AV Adapter hooks up your iOS device's Lightning port to HDMI. But it lags and gives artefacts. Apple's Lightning Digital AV adapter actually hides a tiny computer inside in the cable...wait what? Yes. Read More >>

Has Apple Actually Done Something First With the iPhone 5?

A report from the detail-obsessed folk over at Anandtech, indicates that Apple's A6 chip in the new iPhone 5 is probably the first ARM Cortex A15-based processor in a phone, and it should be screaming (40 per cent faster than A9-based chips). Has Apple beaten Samsung, HTC, and everyone else to the A15 punch? Read More >>

Intel's Next-Gen Atom Chipset Could Have Supercharged Ivy Bridge Graphics

It's been known for quite some time that Intel wants to enter the tablet space. When its Atom-based Balboa Pier chipset hits in early 2013, it could ultimately power the first Intel-based tablet people care about thanks to a rumored quad-core processor, 8 gigabytes of RAM and Ivy Bridge-class graphics. Whoa. Read More >>

This Crazy 64-Core Processor Wants to Be in Your Smartphone

Chip company Adapteva has a crazy notion: Let's turn our smartphones into veritable supercomputers. And the way to do it? Up the ante in processing power. Not with just dual-core or quad-core processors. No, their Epiphany IV chip has a monstrous 64 cores. Read More >>


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