Study: Your Facebook Likes Alone Reveal Gender, Ethnicity, Religion and More

Every little piece of information you give away online can reveal something about you — but it seems your Facebook likes could reveal rather more than you bargained for. Read More >>

How Twitter Can Predict When Individuals Will Get Sick

If you've been walking around a public place lately, you've come into contact with a lot of people. Some of those people may have been sick. And if you've been hanging around enough of them as they cough and sneeze, then you might be about to get sick too. Read More >>

Don't Menshn the Crippling Security Holes in This Tory MP's Twitter Rival

As if we needed another social network, Menshn is here to bring topic-orientated chat in Twitter-sized chunks. But what about all these leaky security holes that hackers found upon its UK launch? Read More >>

Facebook Is Testing a Pay-For-Promotion System Everyone Can Use

If you don't feel people pay enough attention to your Facebook status updates, here's some news you've been waiting for. Facebook is reportedly testing a scheme which will allow any user — not just businesses — to promote their status, in exchange for cold, hard cash. Read More >>

Why You'll Soon Be Using a Wonderful Little Service Called Pinwheel to Discover the World

"We're doing things a little bit differently," Heather Champ told me. Read More >>

Is Google Going To Conquer The World With Google +?

Google Co-founder and CEO Larry Page spoke candidly about the future of Google during the company's recent earnings conference call. Page wants to make Google's products more social and the best way to do that is through Google +. Read More >>

Who Should Play Steve Jobs In the Now Inevitable Steve Jobs Biopic?

I very much doubt Steve Jobs would have approved of a movie about his life, beyond what's been produced already, but in this case it doesn't really matter anymore, does it? Read More >>

Does 50 Million Users And a 1269% Traffic Increase Mean Google + Is Now Relevant?

Google + went public last week and its growth has been explosive. So explosive, it has some people wondering if it's time to take closer look at the social network. Read More >>


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