Science Reveals Everything You've Ever Wondered About Swearing on Twitter

The most popular curse word is fuck, which covers 34.73% of all the curse word occurrences, followed by shit (15.04%), ass (14.48%), bitch (10.34%), nigga (9.68%), hell (4.46%), whore (1.82%), dick (1.67%), piss (1.53%), and pussy (1.16%). Read More >>

Facebook Sued Over Private Message Snooping Allegations

Your Facebook "Private" messages may not be all that private after all, with an investigation into Facebook's chat-monitoring habits leading to the social network facing a class action lawsuit. Read More >>

Twitter Worth More Than Sainsbury's as £619 Million IPO, £8 Billion Valuation Looms

How much are your tweets worth? Perhaps as much as $12.8 billion (or almost £8 billion) if the latest Twitter valuation is to be believed. That makes it worth more than a UK supermarket stalwart, the £7.36 billion Sainsbury's, as Twitter looks to hit the stock market with a $1 billion (£619 million) initial public offering. Read More >>

WSJ: Instagram Will Have Ads Within a Year

While Instagram has just announced that it has reached 150 million active users, it's also revealed that it has plans to leverage that reach, too. Speaking to to The Wall Street Journal, Instagram has declared it will feature ads within a year. Read More >>

Top 10 Social Networking Tips for the S4

There’s never been a better time and place to social network than right now, and chances are, at any given ‘right now’, you’ll have your phone to hand. Read More >>

Why I'm Building a New Social Platform

Social network sites are big money. Facebook, with its $104 billion IPO and $1b profit (2011); Twitter valued at around $10-$11b; newcomers Pinterest getting $200m at a $2.5b valuation, and the behemoth Google gaining traction with G+. With these and a plethora of other international and niche networks, why would anyone bother trying to launch their own? Because, I’m kind of a knob. Read More >>

Google+: The Ghost Town That's Advertising for Tenants

The very utterance of Google+ is enough to garner a collective sigh by many, however it’s recently been getting headlines for all the right reasons. Google+ is maturing into something interesting and engaging, and here’s why I believe you should be one of the 340,000,000 people using it. Spoiler: I've even convinced the Giz UK guys to start using it again. Read More >>

80,000 Suckers Fired Off Tweets Celebrating LinkedIn Spam

Last week, on February 11th, Alexandra Watson (aka @happinesscoach) received a very exciting email in her inbox and promptly tweeted the news out to her 66,000 followers: Hurray, I am so super-duper popular on LinkedIn. My life now has meaning. Read More >>

Flickr is Going Free for Three Months to Entice the Instagram Deserters

Marissa Mayer and the folks at Yahoo! have a nice little gift for you this holiday season: free Pro Flickr for three months for any and all users, old and new. Surely this is just all in the spirit of holiday cheer and has nothing to do with cleverly making use of another image-sharing service's TOS debacle, right? Right?! Read More >>

Can a Flashy New Redesign Make Myspace Cool Again?

Myspace, that ancient social networking dinosaur, is back with a new coat of paint. And get ready for this: it looks kind of neat. The new format has some pretty clear Pinterest and Tumblr influence, and also looks like it'll be doubling down on the music aspect of the Myspace world, maybe giving Spotify's social aspects a little competition. Maybe. Read More >>

Do People Love Google+ Or Just Really Hate Facebook?

The annual American Consumer Satisfaction Index has been posted, and there's some shocking data about our feelings towards online services. People are remarkably satisfied with Google+. They're way more satisfied with Google+ than with Facebook. And Facebook is slipping. Read More >>

Twitter for iPhone and Android Updated with Expanded View, Custom Notifications and More

After rumours suggested that Twitter's mobile apps were due for an update, the goods arrived today, bringing a handful of substantial updates, including expanded tweets (viewing links, videos, and images inline), the ability to set notifications for individual people you follow, search autocomplete, and new discovery tools for events. Read More >>

Twitter Will Now Email You a Best-Of Daily Digest

Twitter will now deliver you the best, most-shared 140-character messages in a daily email digest. Read More >>

How To Keep Facebook From Ruining Instagram

So your favourite little startup just got bought out by an Internet behemoth. We've played this game before! It usually doesn't turn out too well for anyone without a financial stake in the deal. Which is to say: you. Read More >>

Please Stop Making More Pinterests

Pinterest! It is the hottest social media whatever the hell it is out there. Is there a Pinterest button on this site yet? (No? Colin, please get on that!) Because Pinterest should be everywhere, and everything should be Pinterest. Read More >>

Path Is Also Planning to Nuke Tappable Links. (And Why That's a Good Thing.)

We've been talking a lot about Path lately, thanks to a privacy issue that caused the US Congress to nastrygram Apple, and Apple to change policy. And just like Path rectified its privacy problem, it's got another impending fix I'm happy about. Read More >>


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