A Home Art Installation That Doubles as a Rooftop Solar Panel Monitor

Installing a set of solar panels on the roof of your home can lead to significant savings when your monthly power bill arrives. But how do you know how well they're performing in between without watching the meter like a hawk? With this innocuous looking piece of art that doubles as a home energy monitor. Read More >>

This Plane Will Circle the World Using Only the Power of the Sun

You've probably heard about the ambitious, almost impossible-sounding project to fly a solar-powered plane around the world without refuelling. But now, about a year before the voyage is scheduled to begin, you get your first look at the plane itself. It's unlike any plane you've seen before. Read More >>

A Cheap, Colourful Solar-Powered Watch That Requires No Maintenance

Q&Q (a company founded almost 40 years ago as part of Citizen) has finally made its once Japan-only SolarSmile watches available internationally. So for just $40 (£24.04)—with free shipping—you can get a simple timepiece that never needs winding, charging, or a new battery. Read More >>

New Light-Emitting Solar Cells Could be Used as Smartphone Displays

In the future, the glass that coats our skyscrapers could also serve as the power plant that keeps the lights on. This is not news. However, with an amazing new material being developed in Singapore, that same glass could also turn your city's windows into skyscraper-sized displays. Read More >>

3D-Printed, Flexible, Hyper-Sensitive Solar Panels Coming to a Manbag Near You

The future of micro-solar may have been created by technicians at the National Physical Laboratory in Teddington, who claim to have built a low-power solar solution that's as flexible as cloth and could lead to a future in which solar trousers generate enough power to trickle charge your iPad as long as you splay your legs wide enough in the general direction of the light. Read More >>

The World's Largest Solar Plant Started Creating Electricity Today

Take 300,000 computer-controlled mirrors. Focus the Sun's light with them to the top of 140-metre-high towers, where water is converted into steam to power turbines. The result: you have the world's biggest solar power plant, the Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System. Read More >>

Let the Sun Spark Your Cigarette With This Solar-Powered Lighter

Perfect for smokers who live in windy cities, this compact parabolic reflector lets you harness the sun as your own personal lighter—one that's immune to even the strongest winds. Read More >>

Ford's New Solar-Powered Electric Car is its Own Rolling Power Grid

Electric cars have come a long way in the past decade or two, but one glaring problem remains: you have to charge the dang things. What do you do when there aren't enough charging stations (and there aren't)? If you're Ford, you build a car that charges itself. Read More >>

How to Survive an Uninterrupted 72 Hour Long Flight Simulation

Methods for staying awake during a long haul get pretty tired. Seriously, you can only slap yourself in the face so many times. So when Bertrand Piccard needed to figure out how to stay alert during a 72 hour long test in a flight simulator this week, he got creative. Read More >>

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Japan Wants to Ring the Moon With Solar Panels to Power the Earth

The Shimizu Corporation wants to, essentially, build a ring of solar panels around the moon's equator and transmitted back to the Earth via microwave. They want to get the project, dubbed LUNA RING (yes, all caps), started by 2035. Read More >>

A Roomba For Solar Panels That Keeps the Sun Shining Through

It's easy to live with a few smudges on your smartphone's display, but for devices like solar panels that are completely dependent on every last drop of light making it through, cleanliness is a top priority. And when you've thousands of solar panels in a field drinking in sunlight, cleaning them all manually isn't an option. That's when you need to call in the robots, particularly Sinfonia's new cleaner that excels at squeegeeing at awkward angles. Read More >>

Almost Everyone is Angling Solar Panels the Wrong Way

Conventional wisdom in the northern hemisphere is to face solar panels south so they get the most light all day. Architects and panel installers implement this approach all the time, especially on homes. But a new study indicates that panels facing west may actually get more juice from the sun, and at more convenient times. Read More >>

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These Solar-Powered Ray-Bans Charge Your iPhone When the Sun Goes Down

Now this is genius, one of those ideas that seems so obvious that you wonder why no-one has ever thought of it before. Sayalee Kaluskar, a designer from Mumbai, India, has put together a pair of sunglasses that can convert the sun's rays into power for your iPhone. Read More >>

A Solar Powered MacBook Could Have Battery Juice Until the Sun Blows Up

...or night time, at least. A freshly uncovered patent suggests that Apple is considering creating a solar power solution for keeping the batteries of MacBooks and iPhones topped up while the sun is shining. Read More >>

IKEA's Going to Sell Solar Panels Now (No Assembly Required)

Get excited, Earthlings who like the Earth: IKEA just announced a new program to sell energy-saving solar panels in each of its 17 UK stores. This means that with a little bit more effort than it takes to purchase a set of Billy bookcases, Brits can be doing their part to bring the world a little closer to sustainable energy. Read More >>

Daisy Chain This Keychain Solar Battery's Panels For Faster Charges

You can never have too many sources of backup power for your mobile devices. And not only is the compact ClicLite easy to carry around, it also charges itself using the sun's continuously free rays. But what's that you say? That tiny solar panel will take hours to recharge its internal battery? Well then it's a good thing you can increase its sunlight trapping capacity with extra snap on panels. Read More >>


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