The Planet Mercury is Shrinking

Just like a flat-cap-wearing old man, the planet Mercury, closest to the Sun in the Solar System, is shrinking in size as it ages. Scientists now estimate that Mercury measures 8.6 miles smaller in diameter than it was before it started picking up its pension four billion years ago. Read More >>

A Map of Jupiter's Moon Ganymede, Where We Might be Able to Live

One day, poor planet Earth will succumb to the centuries of abuse we've dealt her, shrivel up, and cease to support life. Then, if we're not already living in some Elysium-like habitat in space, we'll have to find a new home. Jupiter's moon, Ganymede, might just be it. Read More >>

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Learn Everything About the Solar System with This Awesome Animation

Now this is fun. Kurzgesagt made a fantastic animation video detailing our solar system. Perfect for anyone who's space curious (and that should be everyone), perfect to sit down and show your kids, perfect to learn everything about astronomy that you have probably forgotten by now. It's like taking a trip through a beautiful minimalist solar system to understand the universe around us. [Kurzgesagt] Read More >>

NASA Caught the First Glimpse of the Solar System's Stunning Tail

The solar system isn't stationary; it's careening through the infinite abyss of space as we speak. Just like a comet, it comes complete with its own tail, and for the first time, we've actually been able to see it. Read More >>

New Moon Discovered In the Solar System

A team of astronomers have photographed a new moon in our solar system using the Hubble Space Telescope. The new celestial object is orbiting Pluto. Mark Showalter — from the SETI Institute (Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence) in Mountain View, California — is intrigued that this planet "can have such a complex collection of satellites." Read More >>

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How to Pronounce Uranus Without Laughing

Uranus. Your anus. You're in us. As hard as you might try, it's almost impossible to avoid smirking when you hear the name of the seventh planet. This video, by GCP Grey, takes a look at the history of its name, how it could have had a monicker that made fewer children laugh and — most importantly — how to go about pronouncing it on those rare occasions when you simply have to refer to it directly. [YouTube] Read More >>

The Solar System's Newest Beach Spot Is an Icy One

One ticket to Pluto, please! Seems there's an ocean there just waiting to be discovered, surfed or lounged about. Don't worry about my well-being though—I'll be packing a sweater. Read More >>


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