What the Russian Meteorite's Shockwave Really Felt Like on the Ground

As we get to know more and more about how powerful the meteorite that exploded over Russia really was, something still gets lost in translation. This video makes it abundantly clear how strong the blast was. The footage is collected from different locations throughout the Chelyabinsk city and shows how it really felt on the ground. The boom is pretty freakin' scary. Read More >>

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Supersonic Jets Shatter Brazilian Supreme Court Building

If you're tuned into Brazilian national politics, maybe there's some sort of metaphor here. But for the rest of us, awesome video of sonic boom resulting in massive destruction!—these fighters just ruined Brazil's Supreme Court. Read More >>

New Bi-Plane Design Promises All of the Sonic, None of the Boom

The Concorde became the premiere transport across the Atlantic in part because it was precluded from flying over populated areas due to the sonic boom it created on takeoff. A new two-wing design, however, may hold the secret to silently breaking the sound barrier. Guile does not approve. Read More >>


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