Sony Ericsson to go Smartphone Only From 2012

Amid the numbers and percentages in Sony Ericsson's Q3 financial data is a quote from CEO Bert Nordberg, in which he says the company will move "the entire portfolio to smartphones" by 2012. That K600i update isn't happening. Read More >>

Sony Ericsson CEO Regrets Having His Ass Kicked by iPhone

Sony Ericsson used to be a hugely popular phone maker with some interesting handset designs—sort of like Motorola. But unlike Motorola, it sat and did nothing while Apple created the smartphone frenzy. Perhaps that was a mistake! Read More >>

BlackBerry Torch 9810 and Sony Ericsson Arc S on Sale Now

Is anyone going to bother with the Torch 9810 and Arc S? They've just hit Three and Vodafone respectively, where you're looking at spending over £30/month on-contract. When RIM's got QNX-laden phones just 'round the corner, you'd have to be desperate for a 'Berry to get one of these. Read More >>


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