Which Talentless Commenter Won Themselves a Sony Xperia Go?

In this last of our Crimbo Commenting Challenges, we invited you all -- young, old, sick, lame, witty and banterless, to compete on an unusually fair and level playing field. Rather than relying on some modicum of skill, this challenge just needed you to leave one paltry comment in order to win. So, which lucky waster managed to snag themselves a shiny new phone? Read More >>

Win a(nother) Sony Xperia Go In This Week's Crimbo Challenge

In our two Crimbo competitions so far, you've had to rely upon your Photoshop skillz (or lack thereof), or commenting prowess. This time, all that's required of you is some basic knowledge of the world of technology -- specifically, we want to know what gadget or tech you're most looking forward to seeing in 2013. Easy, right? Well, it will be, if you've been paying attention during Giz Class this year. Read More >>

Who Won Our Crimbo Commenting Challenge?

Last Monday, we invited (with no small amount of trepidation) the web's best comedians to bring the cream of their acerbic wit and banter to bear on our site, with the promise of a spanking new phone for the comedic gem of the week. Well, time's up, the phone lines are now closed; the winner of X Factor 2012 is...oh wait, sorry, wrong programme. Read More >>

*Reminder Klaxon* Get Your Best Quips In For Our Chrimbo Commenting Challenge Pronto

Want to win yourself a Sony Xperia Go? You have till 9am tomorrow (Friday) morning to wow us with your hilariously, pointed commenting skills. Get that wisecracking wit going folks, not long now. Make us laugh and win. Read More >>

Win a Sony Xperia Go, In Giz's Crimbo Commenting Challenge

So your Photoshop skillz are a bit rusty, but you pride yourself on leaving acerbic barbs of wit in the commenting fields of Giz UK? Our next Crimbo Challenge is for you. Read More >>


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