Win a Sony Xperia S In Giz's Crimbo Photoshop Challenge

Every week in the run up to Christmas, the Giz Santa will rifle through her desk drawer and produce a different mobile for a good little boy or girl. But unlike the fat man who shimmies down your chimney, Giz Santa actually requires you prove your worth with a new challenge every week. This week's challenge? Why, you need to dust off your Photoshop skillz by illustrating your favourite tech story of 2012. Read More >>

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Even Xperia Is Interesting in Wes Anderson's Hands

It seems that everything Wes Anderson touches turns out sweet adorableness (or saccharine crap, depending on your tolerance). That is certainly true for this Sony Xperia ad, directed by master of twee himself. His new creation follows the release of some Hyundai commercials earlier this month. Read More >>

The Android PlayStation Store Is Now Live For the Sony Xperia S

Good news early Xperia S buyers: you can now buy and play a small handful of PSOne games courtesy of Sony’s PlayStation Store, which is now live and ready for your downloading pleasure. Read More >>

Sony Xperia S Goes Up For Pre-Order In the UK

Networks are clearing their store shelves of Sony Ericsson gear, all the while the newest Sony-only kid on the block has peeped its head above the parapet, ready for your pre-order. Read More >>


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