A Hands-On Fondle With Sony's Xperia T Bond Phone

What's good for James Bond is good enough for us, and with Sony's Xperia T appearing in the upcoming Skyfall film, it's worth a closer look at the features that managed to turn 007's head. Read More >>

The Xperia T Continues to Show Sony's Got Its Finger on the Camera Phone Button

A quick scan of your nearest phone shop’s store shelves will turn up dozens of identikit Android phones. But when your eyes clock that Xperia badge, you’ll instantly recognise trademark Sony features – the latest in super-fast connectivity, and perfect pairing with other Sony products, sure, but importantly, a great-quality camera, using technology from their hugely-successful Cyber-shot range of cameras. The Xperia T is the latest in Sony’s super-slim range of phones. Read More >>

Sony's Xperia T Will Be Used In Skyfall by James Bond

After leaks, Sony's let loose the successor to last year's Arc S, only it's now sitting under the Xperia umbrella. While the Xperia T doesn't have the same "slab" aesthetics of the Xperia S, the specs are more top-notch, boding well for a review (we gave the Xperia S a four out of five stars in our review). Hey, if it's good enough for James Bond to use in the upcoming Skyfall film... Read More >>


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