Sir Tim Berners-Lee: Governments "Trying to Take Control" of the Internet

In the wake of the NSA-stalking-the-whole-world revelations that exploded last week, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, widely credited with helping found the internet, has spoken out against governments and companies which try to control the internet, labelling snooping as something "that threatens the very foundations of a democratic society". Read More >>

The Biggest Tech Screw-Ups of the Year

What a year for technology, what with all its tiny tablets and overhauled operating systems. But for every Nexus 7 triumph, a Nexus Q disaster reared its gruesome head. Here are the worst screw-ups the tech industry endured in 2012. Advanced warning: They're not for the faint of heart. Read More >>

Infuriating RIAA Knew That SOPA and PIPA Were Useless All Along

TorrentFreak has posted a supposedly leaked presentation by the RIAA's chief lawyer that says that it defended SOPA and PIPA even though it knew the censorship legislation wouldn't be effective against music piracy. Is the RIAA for real or is it just covering its arse, and what does it mean for your freedom going forward? Read More >>

Internet Defence League Wants to Go All Superhero on the Government's Arse

One of the hallmarks of the Batman series is the spooky spotlight that projects a bat into the Gotham night sky. Now, Batman's wannabe-geeky-alter-ego, the Internet Defence League, wants to steal some of the Dark Knight's awesomeness for their battle against the big bad government. Read More >>

European Parliament Declares Feared International Copyright Agreement Dead

The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) was an EU treaty to protect copyright—but many feared that it was too restrictive and would in turn lead to online censorship. Fortunately the European Parliament has just rejected the agreement, meaning the internet lives to fight another day. Read More >>

Well Done Internet -- ACTA Has Been Vanquished

Has common sense finally prevailed thanks to political unrest against the horrendously overreaching anti-piracy acts we've been faced with of late? It seems so, as ACTA is essentially dead in the water according to the European Commissioner for the Digital Agenda, and it seems the world's copyright industries might have to change to suit people rather than us bend to their will, as SOPA's essentially dead in the US too. Read More >>

Anonymous Is Promising Weekly Hacks Every Friday For Your Protesting Enjoyment

The Anonymous hacking collective has been pretty busy of late protesting against copyright acts like ACTA. Recently it seems the group has been concentrating its firepower on Fridays in what it’s calling #FFF. Read More >>

SOPA Warriors Accidentally Vent Fury on Scottish Organic Producers Association

The rage of the recent American SOPA protesters saw an unusual spike in traffic for the Scottish Organic Producers Association, which began receiving threatening emails demanding it stops doing what it's doing. Read More >>

The British Film Policy Review Panel Wants American-Style Anti-Piracy Action in the UK

In the aftermath of SOPA, the British Film Policy Review Panel is calling for the implementation of the UK’s Digital Economy Act (DEA) to be hurried along to prevent the downfall of the British film industry. It’s also asking ISPs and content owners to set up a US-style anti-piracy system. Read More >>

The Magnificent Eagle Nebula Like You Have Never Seen It Before

This new image of the Eagle Nebula—without a doubt one of the most amazing objects in space—is stunningly trippy. It combines the two opposite ends of the electromagnetic spectrum in one shot: Far-infrared and X-ray. Absolutely gorgeous. Read More >>

What is SOPA and Why Should Britain Care?

You may've noticed Wikipedia has gone black today, to protest against something called SOPA. Hell, you might’ve even noticed Reddit joining in on the fun, too. But before you start thinking the world's thrown in the hygiene towel and is protesting against soap -- learn these valuable facts about the US law, which could end up affecting us all. Yes, even us Brits. Read More >>

How To Access Wikipedia During Today's Blackout

Wikipedia may be going dark all day today in protest of SOPA/PIPA but that doesn't mean it's going offline completely. With very little work, you'll be able to access the online encyclopedia today—even if it does go against the spirit of the protest. Read More >>

Wikipedia Blackout Will Screw Us All Over a Crummy US Law

Wikipedia’s going to join the blackout that’s been proposed for Wednesday this week in the US, as a protest to its much complained about Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and Protect IP Act (PIPA). Unfortunately that means the rest of the world gets screwed-over too, in something that frankly doesn’t affect us Brits. Read More >>

Movie Studios Caught Pirating Movie

The same copyright barons pushing SOPA, the awful internet, are enormous hypocrites, TorrentFreak reports. They want the law as a means of stopping online piracy—but maybe they should start with their own employees. Read More >>


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