Your Parents Are Right: Music Really Has Gotten Louder

You know how your mum or granny or whoever is always complaining about how "kids these days" listen to louder music than when she was young? Turns out, she was scientifically correct. Read More >>

Why Does Your Voice Sound Different When It's Recorded?

You see, when you speak, you hear your voice as other people do, but you also hear a contribution which comes from vibrations passing through your skull. In this video, Greg Foot explains how that changes what you hear—and why, sadly, the recording of your voice is actually how you sound to everyone but you. [YouTube] Read More >>

Incredible Disney Microphone Transmit Sounds Through Your Fingertips

When it comes to secrets, whispering just got outdated. Disney Research has come up with a microphone, straight out of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, that doesn't actually amplify your ramblings, but instead turns them into a secret signal you can transmit by touch. Read More >>

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Yeah, What's The Deal With Clapping?

Sometimes I have an out of body moment where I see myself as an audience member and think about how dumb-looking the whole process is. You sit somewhere. You gape at something and don't monitor your facial expression because you assume no one is observing you, and then often, you clap. It's definitely a cultural tradition, but sometimes it just feels like an instinct. I sometimes find myself clapping at borderline inappropriate times seemingly because it's a reaction my body is volunteering to perform. Read More >>

Little Robots Turn Marker Squiggles Into Sound

All the little droids zipping around the Star Wars universe seemed sort of frantically aimless. Where were they going? These little robots look similar but their mission is clear. Follow the black circuits and turn untold scribbling into music. Read More >>

A Melodious Mashup of Nearly Every Chime and Bleep in Tech History

Close your eyes at any given moment, and you're likely to hear an audio artifact or two — whether the boo-dah-ling of a text message or the clacking of a keyboard. But as this new sound collage reminds us, hundreds of once-familiar audio cues are now doomed to obscurity, thanks to technology's forward march. Read More >>

Wake Up Tomorrow Morning With an Earful of Coffee

Using what is quite possibly the most technically sophisticated coffee setup known to man, sound designer Diego Stocco turned his morning routine into a stellar soundscape for a little stunt appropriately titled "Huge Coffee." Think caffeinated Stomp. Take a listen yourself, but remember to stay hydrated. Stuff's a diuretic. [The Awesomer] Read More >>

Tropical Moths Use Ultrasonic Crotch Blasts to Confuse Attacking Bats

In what has to be one of the most brilliant self-defense mechanisms ever developed, several species of tropical moths are able to rasp their genitals against their bodies to produce ultrasonic signals that confuse an attacking bats acoustical targeting system. Read More >>

Man Hears Voices Out of Sync with Lips, Like an Old Kung Fu Movie

Well this is a first. No, really, a man going by the name of PH is the first known diagnosis of a deeply odd and presumably infuriating condition: He hears voices out of sync, as though he's watching a film with out-of-sync dubbing. Read More >>

Over-Engineered Speaker Cables? Nope, Actual Speakers

Do you live in a bizarre, warped, Escher-style home that's made installing a booming sound system next to impossible? The Anakonda KAN200 might look like a well shielded audio cable, but it's actually a flexible speaker designed to squeeze into spots where traditional boxy speakers don't fit, but still require jam pumping. Read More >>

The Sonic Secrets That Bring Pixar's Latest Movie To Life

For a totally animated flick, it's the sound masters behind the scenes who are really responsible for bringing a movie to life—every squeal, sigh, and clunk is key. Thanks to the people over at SoundWorks, we get to see (and hear) the steps it took to give a literal voice to Pixar's newest film, Monsters University. Read More >>

Pioneer's New Soundbar Is Beautifully Simple and Wonderfully Cheap

Pioneer's new SB-PS23W is a soundbar the way most people want it: A simple, relatively inexpensive way to make a television sound louder. In that way, it's cut from the same cloth as the fantastic AirPlay speakers the company made last year (actually, it's got the some LA-based designer). It wasn't the first AirPlay speaker, but its design made it a winner. Read More >>

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How Star Trek Into Darkness' Epic Score Came to Life

They hear it through the entire movie, but most theatre goers don't pay close attention to one of the most important supporting players in a film: the soundtrack. It's as important for building tension and excitement as the actors' performances, and the Soundworks Collection took a closer look at what went into the music behind Star Trek Into Darkness. Read More >>

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This Animation Based on Oscillating Sine Waves Is Utterly Entrancing

Are your eyes bored this morning? Look at this right now. It's an animation by computer artist Daniel Sierra, and it will mesmerise you, if only for a few minutes. Read More >>

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How Oblivion Made Earth Sound as Post-Apocalyptic as It Looks

Tom Cruise's new sci-fi thriller Oblivion has been out for over two weeks now, so the SoundWorks Collection has a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at how the filmmakers used sound and music to paint the chilling landscapes of post-apocalyptic Earth. Read More >>

Relax in Peace and Quiet Under This Sound-Absorbing Lamp

You usually don't expect a lamp to do much more than provide a little illumination and snazz up a room. But maybe it's time you should. Monica Armani's Silenzio lamps are made with sound-absorbing foam and fabrics so they chase away the dark and the decibels. Read More >>


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