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Glowing Sticks and Long Exposures Turn Drumming Into a Visual Feast

Watching a talented drummer beat away on a set of skins is an eternal joy, but even more so when said drummer is sitting in the middle of a long-exposure camera rig with a pair of glowing drumsticks in hand. What's usually a blur of arms and sticks suddenly becomes an intricate web of mid-air streaks and squiggles that highlight the drummer's performance. Read More >>

A Flaming Lips Album That Syncs With Dark Side of the Moon and Wizard of Oz

Iin 2009 the Flaming Lips covered Dark Side of the Moon. Now they've made that project even Flaming Lips-ier, by releasing an immersive companion album you're supposed to play along with the original Pink Floyd recording. Oh, and it syncs up with the Wizard of Oz, apparently. Read More >>

Of Course Daft Punk Has Collaborated With Jay Z on New Leaked Song Computerized

The Daft Punk robots have teamed up with Jay Z (known for his love of Samsung Galaxy phones -- or perhaps just cold, hard cash) for a newly-leaked single, Computerized. "Start macking on my BlackBerry, she got jealous I was tapping on my BlackBerry," J-Hova raps. Poor, shunned, Samsung. [Pitchfork via Pedestrian] Read More >>

Kim Dotcom Just Released His Own Electropop Album

Last year, Kim Dotcom released a dance single, and at the time threatened to release an album. Now, as part of the launch of his new music streaming service, the album is here. Read More >>

The Tetris Theme Played in 100 Moog Patches Will Wreck Your Brain

It took me a second to wrap my brain around what exactly is going on here, but even if I didn't know, I could listen to these two Moog synthesizer modules play the Tetris theme over and over again forever. I think this music made my brain more smarter. Read More >>

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Oddly Compelling Visualisations Of CGI Musical Instruments

I remember watching Animusic videos on PBS in the early 2000s. I was always vaguely fascinated by them, even though the graphics looked kind of cheesy. I like the idea that every single note in the composition is supposed to be produced by a specific collision, like a ball bouncing on a percussion instrument. Also, where is this supposed to be taking place? Weird pneumatic pipe/music room? Imagination land? Who knows. Read More >>

Brian Eno — Ambient 1: Music for Airports

In high school I had a weird ritual where I would listen to this suite while I did my math homework. But it sort of makes sense because Brian Eno wanted this music to reduce tension. He conceived it while observing the stress and rush at a German airport during the mid-1970s. And it really works. Read More >>

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Sonic 3's Ice Cap Zone Theme Played on Floppy Drives is Totally Rad

When I was little, I was a huge Sega fanboy. Sure, Mario is great and all, but Sonic was where it was at. Looking back, I'm not sure the gameplay holds up that well but you can't deny there were some great tunes. And this is one of them, and even better on floppies. Read More >>

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You'll Want This Melodic Muppet Mash-Up Stuck In Your Head Forever

Pogo is a master of the mash-up. We knew it at Snow White, and we knew it for sure when he spilled his secrets. For his latest trick, he tackled the Muppets and it's 100 per cent unadulterated pleasantness. Give it a listen, or five. [Nick Bertke AKA Pogo] Read More >>

You Can Listen to the Leaked GTA V Soundtrack Right Now

Over the bank holiday weekend, it looks like Sony managed to leak a load of GTA V assets thanks to its European pre-order system on the PS3. Part of the leak was a massive audio file from which people started to compile list of tracks for each of its traditionally-hilarious radio stations that allegedly form GTA V's truly badass soundtrack. Read More >>

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Daft Swanson: The Daft Punk SNL Mystery Clip Meets a Dancing Gif

Why is Ron Swanson so happy? Why can't he stop dancing? Oh you didin't hear: There's a new Daft Punk record on the way. Read More >>

Somebodies: A Fan-Sourced Mash-Up of Gotye Covers

Heard Gotye's Somebody That I Used To Know too many times already? Well, how about just once more. "Somebodies: A YouTube Orchestra" is a mash-up of a tonne of Gotye covers, masterfully put together by the Aussie man himself. You can catch a list of all the videos used in the mash-up over at his blog. Read More >>

Carly Rae Jepsen: Call Me Maybe (Chatroulette remix)

A man in drag trolling people on Chatroulette is the only context in which I could ever stomach "Call Me Maybe." But what's disconcerting is that it's making me enjoy the song itself. Read More >>

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I Have No Idea What's Going On In This Music Video, But...Woah

Don't ask me who PSY is; what Gangnam Style is, or how that shaving foam scene made me feel, but holy geysers of YouTube, this Korean music video is something you're going to want to pass on to your friends. And if this is an accurate translation of the lyrics...then I think I love the song all the more for it. [YouTube via Twitter] Read More >>

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Want to Feel Like You're Actually Batman? Grab This Free App and Live the Soundtrack

Having just seen The Dark Knight Rises I can tell you it's pretty damn good. Almost everything (nothing's perfect, right?) is quality. The soundtrack is another masterpiece too, so dark, grimy and atmostpheric. With this free DKR soundscape app you can literally live the soundtrack as you walk about your own city as if it was Gotham. Read More >>

Yes, There Is Actually a Song Called "Instagram Ya Body"

Instagram has only been around for two years, and spent most of that time in relative geek obscurity. Those days are over. It's Facebook's. It's mainstream. How mainstream? R&B sex anthem mainstream. This is now a real thing. Read More >>


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