A Tour of the Tallest Residential Tower in Africa

Skyscrapers tend to become lightening rods for the neighbourhoods they're in—and nowhere is that more true than in Johannesburg's Ponte City, a hulking 54-story tower has gone from Apartheid enclave to drug dealer haven to symbol of urban renewal. Read More >>

This Stone Mosaic of Johannesburg Looks Like a Real Satellite Map

From afar, this bird's eye view of Johannesburg looks like a satellite snapshot. But it's not—it's actually a massive, meticulously created mosaic. It contains thousands of fragments of stone and tile, but together, they look amazingly photo-realistic.
Conceived by South African artists Gerhard Marx and Sam Nhlengethwa in collaboration with Spier Architectural Arts, Vertical Aerial, Johannesburg is made of 56 flat panels that each hold a bird's eye view of the capital. Each panel is made from tiles of different sizes, creating a sense of depth—they almost seem to leap out at you. The buildings and roads and flora and fauna you see when you overlook this vision of Joburg are made from pieces of natural stone including marble, travertine, red brick, ceramics, and Venetian smalti glass. Read More >>

How to Sun-Cook a Steak in South Africa

Consistent electricity is more guideline than rule in South Africa, even on the outskirts for the capital city of Johannesburg. This ambiguity leaves residents either living in the dark or at the mercy of expensive and hazardous kerosene- or coal-based fuels. One social entrepreneur however, has a plan to provide clean, safe, nearly free energy to even Johannesburg's poorest citizens. Read More >>

South African Student Invents Water-less Bathing

When finding a steady source of potable water is challenge enough in the developing world who has the time — or water — to take a shower? One South African student may have the answer with a unique, water-less shower gel — that he invented on his dumb phone. Read More >>

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Watch Top Gear Attempt an Insane Double Loop-the-Loop In a Car

Top Gear's already proved that it's perfectly possible to do a full 360-loop in a car just like that crazy Hot Wheels toy, but what about a double loop or "deadly 720"? Read More >>

Million-Year-Old Campfire Could Be One of Humanity's First

Harnessing fire is up there with language and an upright stance in terms of "important milestones in early human development." And if the findings from a recent excavation are verified, hominids may have been playing with fire for far longer than we previously suspected. Read More >>

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This Spectacular Nebula Is Not In Space

This photo was taken from space, but it's not a galaxy or a nebula. It's a massive phytoplankton bloom off the coast of South Africa, just when the Atlantic and the Indian oceans meet. Read More >>

The World's Oldest Bed Is 77,000 Years Old

Archaeologists have found the world's oldest bed in South Africa and it's 50,000 years older than any bedding ever found. The 77,000-year-old bedding, which was made with medicinal plants, shows how creative our ancestors could be. Read More >>

Look Inside a 100,000-Year-Old Art Studio

Archaeologists have discovered an ancient workshop that was used by early homo-sapiens to make, mix and store ochre. It's the oldest "art workshop" ever uncovered. Read More >>


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