Buying Pieces of the Space Race at Bonhams' Space History Auction

This week, Bonhams hosted an auction of historical space items in Manhattan. The Space History Sale featured troves of objects and documents, both American and Soviet, dating back to the heyday of the space race.  Gizmodo got the chance to take a peek. Read More >>

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The Grandfather of the Space Shuttle Looked Like a UFO

In the late 1950s, at the dawn of the Space Age, the idea that a wingless vehicle could somehow generate lift just from its body shape was seen as beyond preposterous. But less than a decade later, this early forerunner of the Space Shuttle proved the design far more science than fiction. Read More >>

This is NASA's New Giant Crawler For its Next-Generation Spaceship

Things keep moving at Florida's Kennedy Space Center in preparation for the first mission of NASA's Space Launch System and its Orion spacecraft in 2017. The crawler-transporter just passed the "first phase of an important milestone test". Read More >>

The First Flight of This Mini Shuttle Could Have Gone Much Better

Developed by Sierra Nevada Corp Space Systems, the Dream Chaser is a manned, vertical takeoff, horizontal-l nding (VTHL) lifting body spaceplane. Modeled after NASA's earlier M2-F2 prototype from the 1960s (and what Lee Majors was driving just before he became the Six Million Dollar Man), as well as the HL-20, the Dream Chaser looks and flies much like a miniaturised space shuttle. Read More >>

The Insane Camera Tech That Captured NASA's Space Shuttle Launches

An old promotional film produced by NASA's photographic contractor TGS Technology, it shows some of the 138 still and video cameras that were pointed at the shuttle when it launched. From blast-proof camera housing to insane observatory-mounted scopes, there's some serious camera tech on show here. And arguably, it's worth watching for the soundtrack. Oh, the soundtrack. [YouTube via Reddit via Peta Pixel] Read More >>

Need Some Old Space Shuttle Facilities? NASA's Got a Deal for You

Ever since NASA started wrapping up its space shuttle program, it's had a lot of extra gear on its hands. The shuttles were sent off to retirement and other assorted equipment was cleaned out of the garage. Now NASA's game to lease or sell some of the infrastructure that's still hanging around at the Kennedy Space Center. Read More >>

NASA Dismantles the Last Traces of the Space Shuttle Program

When NASA cleans their garage, they always end up with the largest yard sale in the world. The giant platforms in the photo above are just part of the last shuttle-era equipment being removed from the Kennedy Space Center's Vehicle Assembly Building. Read More >>

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How NASA Mounts a Space Shuttle on an Airplane

The Space Shuttle Endeavour just completed its final flight around California today and if you were wondering how a freaking space shuttle ends up on top of a 747, well, watch the video above. It's a mounting process that's not unlike strapping a few bikes to your car's roof (only a wee bit more complicated). Read More >>

Up Close and Personal with Enterprise, the First Space Shuttle Ever

The Space Shuttle—a wonder of American innovation. Except now the program is dead, and these behemoths are no longer making treks into the great unknown. But that doesn't make the sight of them any less awe-inspiring. Read More >>

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The Best Shots of the Space Shuttle's Amazing Goodbye Flight You'll See

The Space Shuttle Discovery just made its last flight ever atop a 747, where it'll be laid to rest at the Smithsonian for the public to appreciate. We won't see something like this again for a long, long time. Read More >>

Goodbye, Discovery: Legendary Space Shuttle Takes Its Final Flight

The Space Shuttle Discovery hitched a ride yesterday on NASA's 747 to the National Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C. It's yet another period at the end of the melancholy final paragraph of the Space Shuttle program. So long, Discovery. And thank you for the memories. Read More >>

Did NASA Cover Up This UFO Sighting From the Space Shuttle Atlantis?

A new video of astronauts attempting to work out what the hell three floating “orbs” are out the window of the Space Shuttle Atlantis has emerged. It was filmed on the Shuttle’s final mission in space. NASA ground control thinks it’s just lens reflections of space junk and it could be right, but the astronauts don’t seem so convinced. Read More >>

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This Recently Unearthed Homemade Video of the Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster Shows Just How Dangerous Space Travel Really Is

It’s easy to forget that people died forging mankind’s path into orbit, space, the Moon, and beyond. This recently rediscovered original Super 8 video, shot from less than 10 miles away from NASA’s doomed Challenger launch site in 1986, brings it home in haunting detail. Read More >>

Watch as a Lego Space Shuttle Launches Into Orbit Carrying On Where NASA Left-Off

NASA might have killed-off the Space Shuttle, but that hasn’t stopped one dedicated Romanian shuttle fanatic from continuing on the journey. The pioneering spacecraft is still flying, just on the miniature scale and made of plastic -- Lego to be precise. Read More >>

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Giant Spider Terrorises Space Shuttle and Anchorwoman

Just a little fun around the News set, eh guys? A little spidey crawled across the lens while we were filming the Space Shuttle! Heh. Cute little spider dude. Aw, it looks like—AH JESUS HERE IT COMES Read More >>

You Must Get the Free NASA Ascent Shuttle App for iPad

I'm surprised that, after three decades of amazing launches, hundreds of outstanding missions, great science and some very sad moments, there's not more stuff celebrating the space shuttle. Thankfully, NASA is coming to the rescue with this free iPad app. Read More >>


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