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Perfectly Timed Pics of Airplanes Silhouetted Against the Sun and Moon

Though Brad Pitt, Justin Bieber, and Stephen Hawking have all (allegedly) snagged tickets for Virgin Galactic’s first commercial space flights next year, it’ll still be a bit longer before the American nation’s spaceports are as bustling as Heathrow on a bank holiday weekend. Read More >>

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Could Future Astronauts 3D Print Habitats Using Mars and Moon Soil?

Right now, there are dozens of theoretical proposals for how humans could eventually populate Mars (or the Moon), each as crazy as the next: Space elevator. Inflatables. Giant 3D printer. But there's something wonderful about watching these zany concepts emerge, each with its own unique logic. The latest? A plan to create cave-like dwellings for the one-way astronauts aboard Mars One. Read More >>

SpaceX Grasshopper Rocket Flies Higher than the Shard Now

SpaceX's reusable Grasshopper rocket is growing up. And up and up and up. It just set a new record for height, hovering at over 325 metres — higher than London's the Shard — and hovering there, before coming back down and landing on its launchpad safely. Read More >>

NASA's New Interplanetary GPS Is More Old School Than It Sounds

Here's a space-age idea if you've ever heard one: NASA is building a galactic GPS system that will provide astronauts a better, more accurate map through our solar system. This is obviously an ambitious undertaking, one that will take generations, not years, to complete. Read More >>

A Trip to Mars Will Turn Astronauts Into Lazy Students

While you've been out living your life in the sunshine and open air, scientists watched as six men willingly spent 520 days locked in windowless, steel tubes inside a Moscow warehouse. Results: this group, once cream of the astronaut crop, morphed into sluggish, unmotivated dudes. Read More >>

Super-Fast Space Travel Would Kill You in Minutes

Everyone thinks it would be cool to travel at the speed of light, which is why scientists devote their lives to working out if it would be possible and NASA is trying to develop its own warp drive. But easy, tiger: turns out super-fast space travel would be fatal. Read More >>

This Hubcap-Like Contraption Could Be The Future Of Space Travel (Or Not)

The idea of a rogue, genius inventor working outside the confines of a government or corporate lab, creating a new technology that could potentially change the world, is certainly tantalising. Read More >>

Interstellar Space Travel Is Damn Near Impossible Because It's So Hard to Have Space Sex

Human space travel! Already difficult because of the gnarly technology and expensive £$€ it costs but even more difficult because humans just can't stay alive long enough for interstellar trips. We need to, like, have sex to procreate and raise kids and stuff. Read More >>

Citizen! Only You Can Help Us Find Life On Mars

Space buffs take note: A science project called MAPPER is seeking citizen researchers to help aide in the search for off-world life on planets like our close neighbor, Mars. Read More >>


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