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By Sam Gibbs on at

Watch the Sun Belch In Our Direction

Looks like we’re in for a stormy solar Saturday, as the sun has erupted in our direction again. It shot out an M3.2-class solar flare towards our humble little planet (as you can see above). The resulting stream of charged particles should crash into Earth’s magnetic field on Saturday, and could cause the odd blackout, pretty lights, and conspiracy theorists to go nuts, again.


Are Bacteria the Answer to Life?

By Casey Chan on at

In some far-off world, maybe there is such thing as tiny little microbe geniuses that've figured out the secrets of life before their bigger, more top o' the food chain human-like counterparts. Maybe those microbes know we exist! Maybe they know if an orange red crayon is more orange or more red! Hell, maybe bacteria on our planet are that smart. That's what an artist wants to find out.