There'll Be Some Sort of Spaceship In GTA V

We've seen all the crazy stuff you'll be able to do in GTA Online, as well as GTA V, but I've yet to see any mention of a UFO. However, according to the leaked achievements for GTA, Rockstar's apparently hidden at least the parts for one in there somewhere. Are we going to be blasting into space? Read More >>

Apple's Spaceship HQ Is Getting a Downgrade From Absurd to Just Plain Extravagant

Back in 2011, when Steve Jobs announced his plans to build a spaceship-like Cupertino HQ for Apple, we all knew it was going to be one ridiculously lavish office. But according to Bloomberg Businessweek, it's due for a bit of a downgrade before construction starts this June. It'll still be crazy, just not totally absurd. Read More >>

21st Century Buildings That Look Like Alien Spaceships

We may still be a long way from putting a human colony on Mars, but that doesn't mean we can't live like spacemen here on Earth. These 18 trippy buildings — all built since 2000 — look like they're from another world entirely. Read More >>

Is This the Spaceship That Will Take Us to Mars?

Somewhere deep at NASA's Marshall Space Center, in an unmarked beige hangar, NASA is building a spaceship. A spaceship built with spare parts, scrap hardware from the International Space Stations, a left-over aluminium-lithium cylinder, and even museum mockups. One day, it may become the vessel that takes humans to Mars. Read More >>

This Is Not the Cockpit of a Secret TIE Fighter

I was going through a whole lot of awesome cockpit photos yesterday when I stumbled upon this image, the most impressive of them all. It looked more like the interior of a secret Imperial fighter from Star Wars than a machine made on Earth. Read More >>

Apple Calms Neighbours of New Spaceship Headquarters in Predictable Apple Fashion

Remember the giant spaceship campus Apple's building in Cupertino? The people who live in the neighbourhood where Apple's mothership is landing definitely do. So Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer sent out a packet to neighborhood residents pumping up the virtues of the new campus—in a decidedly Apple way. Read More >>


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