Facebook Wants to Clean Up News Feed Spam

Facebook's cleaning up your News Feed a little, ripping out Like-baiting posts, repeated content, and spammy links. Read More >>

Phone Networks Assemble to Tackle Nuisance Texts

A string of UK phone networks have teamed up with the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) to deal with the problem of spam text messages, with EE, O2, Three, and Vodafone all lending their support. Read More >>

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What if All the Spam Mail You Received was Actually Hilariously True?

You're an internet veteran, you know what's real and what's not. Anything with Western Union automatically raises your eyebrow. An e-mail promising more length and/or hot girls gets trashed without a thought. You're too seasoned for these tricks. But what if all that email spam was actually true? How different would your life look? Would you become a money making, big twig swinging, Nigerian prince relatin' party animal? Oh yes. Read More >>

Google's Removing Chrome Extensions Because They're Serving Spam Ads

Google's removed two Chrome browser extensions over the weekend, because the software appears to serve spam ads—in turn violating the company's terms of service. Read More >>

Oh Great, Even Refrigerators are Hackers Now

Ever have that nightmare where your refrigerator comes alive and attacks you? Probably not, but in the era of smart fridges, this is actually a thing that can happen—that is, if we're talking about cyberattacks. Read More >>

Who Do You Actually Email Nowadays?

My email is full of spam and bills and newsletters I mean to read but never do. Rarely do I use my personal account to actually, you know, communicate with my actual friends and family. What about you? Read More >>

The 10 Most Unsubscribed Email Lists of 2013

Whether you willingly signed up in the naive hope that maybe this one would prove useful, or your email address just magically appeared on the list, chances are your inbox is plagued by an onslaught of undesirable newsletters on the daily. So it takes a lot to make it into the most-hated list. Read More >>

More Than Half of Internet Traffic Is Just Bots

People attribute a lot of annoying internet stuff to bots. Twitterbot followers, bots that sneak past spam filters, bots that send weird gibberish on messaging services. It sounds kind of tired, but maybe the situation is exactly as bad as everyone thinks. Read More >>

Playable Captchas are the Future of Logins and Internet Ads

A new way of verifying you're a real person and not a spam machine might eliminate the chore of typing phrases like "beetle sausage" and so on, with a start-up looking to gamify the art of verifying you're a human. Read More >>

Twitter's Verified Elite Can Now Filter Out the Praise/Abuse From the Plebs

Twitter's revealed a new feature it's built to keep its verified celebrity elite happy, with blue-tick users now able to view only RTs and mentions from other tick-having power tweeters. Read More >>

Beware: Those Instagrams of Fruit Want to Hijack Your Account

Heads up: Instagram is weathering a bit of a spam attack right now, and it's drowning in fruit. This rather large wave of juicy spam seems to be the result of some unscrupulous people pushing some sort of "miracle fruit diet" and it could mess up your account if you fall for it. Read More >>

Why Your Facebook Feed Is So Full of Junk

Man, I love "I Fucking Love Science", the Facebook page with 5.4 million likes that clutters my News Feed with hundreds of clever images, many of which are stolen without attribution to their authors. It's entertaining, and amazingly sharable. It's also changing the character of the social network — and some argue it's doing so for the worse. We're compliantly spamming our friends right out of our Facebook feeds. Read More >>

60,000 Crap Apps Binned as Google Tries Some Android Quality Control

Google is believed to have pulled nearly 60,000 apps from the Play Store in February, with a huge cull of low quality and policy-infringing software presumably designed to clean things up a little in preparation this week's new Android app launch. Read More >>

Vodafone Says Ofcom Changes May Trigger Spam Text Tsunami

Ofcom's looking into ways of stopping controversial mid-contract mobile price rises, with one option being to separate charges the networks are responsible for from ones outside of their control. This, says Vodafone, could mean non-stop SMS spam every time a sex chat line ups its fees. Read More >>

Are You Getting Spammed Because of Dropbox Again?

Reports are floating around the internet that people are getting spammed to email addresses they solely use for Dropbox, meaning the only way someone could get said email address is from Dropbox. The last time that happened Dropbox got hacked. Are you getting spammed to your Dropbox-associated email? Read More >>

80,000 Suckers Fired Off Tweets Celebrating LinkedIn Spam

Last week, on February 11th, Alexandra Watson (aka @happinesscoach) received a very exciting email in her inbox and promptly tweeted the news out to her 66,000 followers: Hurray, I am so super-duper popular on LinkedIn. My life now has meaning. Read More >>


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