Sparrow’s iPhone 5 Update Spiked by Apple

When Apple launched the iPhone 5 in September, the dev team behind Sparrow was quick to announce that it would be updating its wonderful email client for the new, larger screen—but Apple has rejected the new version of the app. Read More >>

Sparrow's Awesome Email Clients Are Now Property of Google

Sparrow's email apps on OS X and iOS are wonderful, but we weren't the only ones noticing that. Google noticed too, and that's why they snatched up the small software developer. But what does it mean for the future of Sparrow's apps, and also Gmail? Read More >>

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Sparrow Is Coming to the iPad

Sparrow for Mac is pretty great. And Sparrow for iPhone is also pretty great. So there's good reason to be excited about the Sparrow team's announcement that Sparrow is coming to the iPad. Hopefully this arrives sooner than later, but we'll sit in anticipation either way. [Sparrow] Read More >>

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Push Notifications in Sparrow for iPhone Will Require a Subscription

The new Sparrow for iPhone update brings lots of new features, but unfortunately, push notifications aren't amongst them. Read More >>

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Sparrow for iPhone: Finally, Email That Doesn't Suck

Email is an inescapable part of all our lives now, and as such, email apps are one of the most important aspects of any connected devices we have. They may not be the most exciting, but a good experience is absolutely essential. The iPhone hasn't always had amazing email experiences, especially when it comes to Gmail. Now Sparrow is on the iPhone and it doesn't disappoint. Read More >>

Sparrow for Mac Keeps Getting Better and Better

Sparrow is a Gmail-specific email client for OS X that looks and acts like Twitter for Mac. I love it. So does Matt. And so does Lifehacker. And now it's faster and more powerful. Read More >>


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