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Developers Say Xbox One is "Weaker" and Slower than PS4 in Critical Areas

The unseemly power struggle that's currently being waged between the Xbox One and PS4 camps has taken a turn for the worse for Microsoft, with developers claiming key areas of the Xbox One hardware are up to 50 per cent slower than PS4's internals. Read More >>

Samsung Galaxy Note III Benchmarks Hint at Phone of Ultimate Power

Samsung's Galaxy Note III, images of which have been leaked all over the internet for the past few months, has supposedly been benchmarked in something approaching its final hardware and software form. The numbers are quite impressive. Read More >>

PS4 May Reserve 3GB of RAM for the OS, Leaving Devs with 5GB to Play With

Some technical specs covering the PS4's memory allocation have been causing the usual massive, angry internet controversy, with gamers left in bewildered, directionless uproar over news that PS4's 8GB of RAM could leave just 4.5 - 5GB for games once the OS has taken a chunk out of it. Read More >>

The Moto X Might Have a 4.5-Inch Screen and a Back Made from Kevlar

Motorola and Google both don't even care about keeping the Moto X a secret, plastering it on its August 1st announcement invitation and letting Eric Schmidt bandy around with the thing, so hey, don't be surprised if a few details of the phone leaks. The Verge and @evleaks are reporting that the Moto X will have a 4.5-inch display, dual-core 1.7GHz Snapdragon processor, 2GB of RAM and a 10-megapixel camera. Oh, and a back shell made from Kevlar. Read More >>

EA Man Claims Xbox One and PS4 are a Whole "Generation" Ahead of PC

Well that's one way of putting the PC Sim City mess behind you. The aggressive posturing about the power of the next-generation of home consoles comes from EA man Rajat Taneja, the game giant's Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, who says Xbox One and PS4 are "a generation ahead" of the best gaming PCs. Read More >>

google glass
Here Are Google Glass' Tech Specs

Google released the official specs for Google Glass last night (after releasing the API too) and the futuristic frames come with 16GB (only 12GB will be usable) Flash memory, a 5 megapixel camera for stills, 720p video recording, Wi-Fi b/g, Bluetooth, and a battery that can handle "one full day of typical use". Read More >>

Rumour: New Samsung Galaxy S4 Grabs Show Screen Specs and 13MP Camera

Someone supposedly in possession of a Galaxy S4 has fired off a new batch of screenshots and conducted a scan of the internal hardware, once again suggesting the next Samsung flagship features updated eye-tracking tech and a 1080p display. Read More >>

Supposed Galaxy S4 Spec List "Confirms" Eight-Core Processor

Someone who appears to be in possession of a Galaxy S4 prototype decided it would be fun to stick a few benchmarking apps on it, giving us a look at how the phone performs and what might be inside Samsung's next Android flagship. Read More >>

HTC One vs. Everyone Else: How Does It Stack Up? (Updated)

Finally here and with the highly touted UltraPixel* camera in tow, HTC's newest flagship phone is ready to hold its own. Well, on paper, at least. But how does it compare to everyone else's flagship? Read More >>

BB10 London -- RIM Delivering 2012 Tech Specs in 2013

The never-ending series of leaks regarding RIM's BlackBerry London continues, with a new tech spec sheet supposedly giving us a detailed look at what'll be powering the high-end forthcoming BB10-powered smartphone. Read More >>

Anything Google Glasses Can Do Sony Can Do Better, Maybe

Sony is joining Google in the race to make glasses sexy and do much more than just bring blurry objects into focus, with the Japanese tech giant filing a patent for an augmented reality specs system it describes as an "optical communications apparatus." Read More >>


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