"OK Google, Make a Boat Go. NO! Take a PHOTO."

Google thinks fumbling for the voice input button and talking to your phone is somehow easier than fumbling for and pressing the camera icon. Hmm. In a G+ post, Google reveals that saying "OK Google, take a photo" is the new, exciting and easier way to make your phone take pictures via the search box. It's not. Even boss Larry Page thinks speech input is rubbish. [Google] Read More >>

500 Leading Authors (and Bjork) Sign Open Letter to US Government Condemning Surveillance

Five Nobel Prize winners and well over 500 of the planet's most renowned authors have signed a letter to Barack Obama, suggesting he have a word with his people and stop tracking the mundane conversations of the planet for a laugh. They also ask the UN to create a bill that'd protect digital rights. But would the NSA stick to any rules? [A Stand via Guardian] Read More >>

steve jobs
This Lost Speech from 1983 Will Make You Think That Steve Jobs Was from the Future

Here's a possible explanation as to how Apple became so successful: Steve Jobs might've been from the future. That's not true, of course, but to hear him nail so many predictions about modern technology back in 1983, it begins to feel like the only explanation. Read More >>

Next-Gen Smartphones Want to Listen to All Your Conversations

The boffins at smartphone speech recognition specialist Nuance are working on low-power tools to continually monitor all spoken communications within their audio range, so even when your phone's in standby mode it'll be ready to perform your train timetable searches and check the time in faraway places. Read More >>

The Queen's English (Literally) Added to SwiftKey Predictive Keyboard

SwiftKey's a superb little alternate keyboard for Android-based smartphones, which analyses your typing patterns and tries to guess the next word you're about to type. Now the makers have committed the treasonous task of analysing the Queen's speech, so you can text like our monarch. Read More >>

Your Dating Success Depends on How You Use Pronouns

While there's no denying that your ability to get the partner of your dreams might require some smooth talking, it's always seemed somewhat of an imprecise science. Now, research suggests that the secret to success lies in the way you use your pronouns. Read More >>

Microsoft Can Make Your Voice Speak Foreign Languages

Ever wonder what you'd sound like speaking German? Or maybe Mandarin? Microsoft Research has a new technology they're cooking up which will take the sound of your voice and synthesise it as part a spoken language translator. Read More >>

Microsoft's Working on a Real Electronic Babel Fish That'll Have You Speaking a New Language Instantly

It almost sounds too good to be true, but apparently Microsoft’s developed the holy grail for Brits abroad -- a piece of software that learns your voice and uses it to speak in a language you simply can’t. Read More >>

Goats Have Accents!

Not only do pygmy goats have accents, but they tend to pick up the characteristic "BAAAAAAAAAAA" of the locals bleating around them. Read More >>


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