An Exhilarating First-Person Ride in The McLaren P1

The McLaren P1 is the supercar of the moment, and possibly the first truly excellent hybrid the world has ever seen. Only a few hundred of the cars were made, so driving one is out of reach for most humans. No matter. Thanks to a head-mounted camera on one lucky driver, you too can now experience what it’s like to do 300km/h in a McLaren P1. Read More >>

htc one
HTC One M8 Benchmarks Inflated by Sneaky "High Performance Mode" Option

HTC has confessed that its new HTC One is able to detect benchmark testing tools and throw more resources at them, although rather than fudge the issue as Samsung did when it was rumbled pulling the same trick, HTC says this "High Performance Mode" is actually a feature. Read More >>

Blink and You'll Miss This 188 MPH RC Car

Last week Samvir Thandiblew our minds with a model rocket car that hit 285 mph. But it was basically just a rocket engine with wheels that you aimed—hopefully accurately—and fired. Nick Case's remote control speed demons actually have electric motors, and his latest creation—quite possibly the world's fastest RC car—just hit 188 mph. Read More >>

Why the Speed of Ships is Measured in Knots

How fast you're going while out floating on the big blue can be notoriously tricky to judge if you're just eyeballing it. One method used to get around this issue was introduced in the sixteenth century using a "chip log" or "log-line." Read More >>

watch this
How Fast are You Moving Right this Second?

Compared to your sofa, you're sat very firmly still, but remember that the Earth is moving around the Sun which is moving relative to the Milky Way which is... well I could go on, but this TEDed video does a great job of explaining it. [YouTube] Read More >>

Slower Motorway Trips and Congestion Charge Rises Bring More Boundless Joy to Commuters

Thought travelling around the UK couldn't get any more miserable or expensive? You're wrong. New restrictions are planned that could lower the speed limits on some stretches of motorway, plus London's congestion charge might be about to leap up by 15 per cent. Read More >>

How Fast Things Travel Compared to the Speed of Light

Sometimes it's hard to put things like the speed of light into perspective: it's a number so large that it's tough to make sense of. Which is why this visualisation, which compares the speed of things you can (kinda) more easily visualise, is massively helpful. Read More >>

Watch Every Model of iPhone Get Speed Tested at the Same Time

EverythingApplePro ran an absurdly comprehensive speed test using every iPhone ever made (and a whole bunch of hands). The results might surprise you. [EverythingApplePro via Reddit] Read More >>

xbox one
Developers Say Xbox One is "Weaker" and Slower than PS4 in Critical Areas

The unseemly power struggle that's currently being waged between the Xbox One and PS4 camps has taken a turn for the worse for Microsoft, with developers claiming key areas of the Xbox One hardware are up to 50 per cent slower than PS4's internals. Read More >>

999 Emergency Response Driver Sacked for Getting There Too Quickly

Godfrey Smith's job used to be that of a "first responder" emergency services driver, tasked with attending call-outs when people dial 999 in need of help. But he's not any more, after being sacked for doing 33mph in a 20mph zone while on his way to help a man who'd collapsed. Read More >>

How Insanely Fast the ISS Moves

The International Space Station orbits the Earth at 8 kilometres per second — but it's tough to visualise just how fast that is. When you think about it in terms of how far the thing moves during the course of a song you know, though, you'll be shocked. Read More >>

Just How Fast Is EE's Double Speed 4G?

Now that EE's just switched on its double speed LTE network in 12 towns and cities across the UK, we thought we'd best go have a wander about central London and test out the network. Is it actually any faster than it used to be, just three days ago? Read More >>

The World's Fastest Wi-Fi Puts Your Sluggish Router to Shame

For the most part, we're all happy if we can get Internet that's fast enough to stream some HD video. But faster is always better, and a new, world-record setting network developed in Germany is so blazing fast you wouldn't know what to do with it. It can deliver 10 HD films in a second. Read More >>

You've Never Had it So Good: The Web's Loading Quicker for Nearly Everyone

According to stats generated by Google, the internet's generally working better for everyone in 2013, as improvement in back-end, server and browser tech managed to speed everything up. So close that Speedtest tab and stop whining. Read More >>

microsoft surface
Speed Up the Microsoft Surface RT With One Tiny Hack

Now that hackers have sunk their teeth well and truly into the Microsoft Surface RT, loads of things are being probed, including lag. Apparently, with a tiny registry edit, you can speed up the Surface RT no end and eliminate touch lag. Here's how. Read More >>

Scientists Make Light Travel Infinitely Fast

A team of scientists is claiming to have achieved the seemingly impossible: it's managed to create a nanoscale device which allows light to travel infinitely fast. But how the hell did they do it, and what does it mean? Read More >>


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