West Midlands Traffic Cops Build Fantasy McLaren 12C Patrol Car

We wouldn't mind being pulled over for doing 76mph on the motorway by one of these, a custom McLaren 12C Spider decked out in traditional traffic police patrol colours by West Midlands Police. Read More >>

£17k Next-Gen Speed Camera to Make Driving Anywhere Even Less Fun

The new ZenGrab LaneWatch Mk2 is a piece of technology we don't ever want to test out, as it's the latest in speed camera kit designed to make it even easier to catch motorists breaking the rules and bill them for their crimes. Read More >>

999 Emergency Response Driver Sacked for Getting There Too Quickly

Godfrey Smith's job used to be that of a "first responder" emergency services driver, tasked with attending call-outs when people dial 999 in need of help. But he's not any more, after being sacked for doing 33mph in a 20mph zone while on his way to help a man who'd collapsed. Read More >>

Oh My God, Some Guy Was Trapped in a Car Stuck at 125MPH and Somehow Didn't Die

This sounds ridiculously stressful: Frank Lecerf was driving his car adapted for the disabled in France when it got stuck at 60MPH. He tried to brake. The car accelerated. He tried to brake again. It kept getting faster. Finally, the car ended up stuck, zooming along at 125MPH, and there was no way to stop it. Lecerf drove for over an hour at 125MPH and somehow didn't even get into an accident. Read More >>

Scots Slap Young Drivers With Anti-Speeding Box

There are already lots of limits on speeding -- fixed cameras, police patrols, average speed cameras -- but for the ever-dangerous youth in Scotland, the police want more. Much more. Read More >>


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