EE Shares More Details on London's Stonking 300Mb LTE-A

4G network EE is set to further boost its lead in the LTE world, with company boss Olaf Swantee following through on promises that the capital's 4G speeds will be boosted to a scarcely-believable maximum of 300Mb/s. That's fast enough to download the entire contents of a simple person's brain in under a minute. Read More >>

London's 4G Data Speeds Max Out at a Whopping 79.1Mb via EE

Stats covering the newly deployed 4G networks in London have given us a look at the highs and average speeds customers with posh new phones and contracts are experiencing, with EE winning the war with an astonishing peak download speed of 79.1Mb/sec. On a bloody telephone. Read More >>

EU Says Non/Nein to Reports of Compulsory 70mph Speed Restriction

The Jeremy Clarksons of the internet were recently enraged by claims that the EU may be planning to enforce a camera and GPS combo that would limit cars to a top speed of 70mph. However, the EU's taken to its blog to say that the reports are "quite simply not true." Read More >>

Average UK Broadband Speeds Rocket by 41 Per Cent in a Year

The rise of the fibre network had an enormous impact on the UK's average broadband speeds over the last 12 months, with the average internet user now connected to the online world of infinite fun at a lightning 7.9Mbps. Read More >>

Sky's Wi-Fi Router Isn't Fast Enough to Deliver its Top Fibre Speeds

The latest version of the Sky Hub router Sky gives out to its fibre broadband customers has a bit of a problem, with tests finding it can't deliver the fastest advertised fibre speeds over its Wi-Fi connection. Ooops. Read More >>

Ofcom's Going to Tell Us Who the Fastest Networks Are, Once and For All

The networks spit out various speeds they reckon we should be getting. Maximum speeds we never come close to, as well as "average" speeds that always seem a tad optimistic. It seems Ofcom's become a bit sick of it, just like us. It's going to conduct its own tests, to officially tell one and all how fast each mobile network really is. Read More >>

80Mbps Mobile Data Now Live in London's Tech City Business Zone

Mobile network EE has pushed a big red button marked "DOUBLE THE SPEED" and boosted its 4G speeds in a small part of London, with businesses in and around the east end's Tech City enterprise zone now luxuriating in the fastest data connections around today. Read More >>

Vodafone Spending £900m to Prepare for "Late Summer" 4G Launch

Vodafone has once again used the vague term "late summer" to describe when it'll be launching its 4G network in the UK, as part of an announcement about its future infrastructure spending plans. Read More >>

Paired Fibre Beams Boost Range and Speed of Fibre Networks to Colossal 400Gbps

Some clever research into boosting fibre optic speeds has managed to increase the range and capacity of fibre, thanks to sending two data streams down the pipe instead of one. Read More >>

Sky Gives Virgin Media £49m to Patch up its Groaning Broadband Network

Bizarre news from the cut-throat world of ISPs sees two deadly rivals teaming up for the betterment of the nation, with Sky asking Virgin Media for help shoring up its broadband and beating the capacity issues that have been dogging it for some time. Read More >>

Samsung's New 1Gbps 5G Speeds Make 4G Look Like Dial-Up

Samsung says it has completed and tested one possible format that could be used as a basis for 5G wireless data technology, claiming to have magically pulled connection speeds of up to 1Gbps through its new super-super-fast mobile data connection. Read More >>

Tokyo ISP's Insane 2Gbps Fibre Broadband Now Live

A Sony-backed ISP in Japan has launched an astonishingly quick new broadband option, letting local users register for an unbelievable two gigabytes per second home fibre service. But don't be too jealous, they'll probably only get 1.7Gbps in the evenings. Read More >>

Do You Chew Through More Than 1.4GB of Mobile Data a Month?

EE's Olaf Swantee reckons the average 'heavy user' chews through only 1GB of data on T-Mobile's unlimited 3G plan, and just 1.4GB on EE's 4G network a month. That seems a tad on the light side to me, but how much mobile data do you eat up a month and on which network? Read More >>

EE's Doubling Your 4G Speeds For Nothing

Taking a leaf out of Virgin's book, EE's doubling your 4G speeds. What does that mean? If you're on LTE already, you'll see speeds supposedly hit 20Mbps on average, up from an average of 8Mbps currently, with a top theoretical outside-the-lab speed of 80Mbps. Now that really is fast. Read More >>

4G Fails to Boost EE Subscriber Numbers

It looks like EE's much-hyped 4G network has failed to capture the hearts, minds and 24-month contracts of the nation, with its latest set of financial figures showing that new contracts at the end of 2012 actually fell compared with the previous quarter. Read More >>

Conduct Your Important Internet Business at 4.00am for the Best Speeds

A massive analysis of some 2.3 million online speed tests carried out over the last six months has fingered 4.00am as the time you're most likely to see your internet approach its advertised speed, as that's when your neighbour's kids aren't YouTube-ing the hell out of your local exchange. Read More >>


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