The Only Time You'll Ever Feel Bad for a Brown Recluse Spider

Meet Rabbit, the only brown recluse spider you're ever going to feel sorry for. That's because you're watching her be restrained and milked for her super-strong silk. Oof. Read More >>

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It's Probably Not a Good Idea to Kill a Giant Spider with Brass Knuckles

I can't stop watching this video. This loveable guy came up with the genius idea to kill a gigantic spider on the wall with brass knuckles. Um, it doesn't end well. Or well, it ends up exactly like how you would imagine. [YouTube] Read More >>

These Male Ants Are Copulating With a Dead Queen While a Spider Eats It

These winged ants are copulating with their queen. Apparently, they didn't notice the big spider who is eating it from the top. Read More >>

Violin Strings Made by Spiders Sound Smooth as Silk

The world's best violins come with strings made from catgut—which isn't typically from cats, but does definitely come from the inside of an animal. If you want a more vegetarian alternative, though, how about a set made from spider silk? Read More >>

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Excuse Me Sir but I Believe There's a Giant Spider on Your Back

Those of you with arachnophobia may want to turn away from your monitors. This enormous inflatable spider puppet was built by UK artist Tim Davies for street and carnival performances. Details are still scarce on its inner workings or controls but Davies mentions that the legs are "air-powered." [TD Artwork via Technabob] Read More >>

This Is the Creepiest Image of a Spider You Will Ever See

If there's an image that summarises my idea of complete horror, this is it: a wolf spider carrying dozens of babies on her back. It's the only spider in the world that does this. Read More >>


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