Guy Builds Spider-Man's Webslinger Using an Electromagnetic Launcher

Since scientists have yet to figure out a formula for real-life human spiderwebs (c'mon, guys!), hardware hacker Patrick Priebe took matters into his own hands. Read More >>

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This Drone Footage of NYC Makes You Feel Like Spiderman

You've never seen New York City like this. Well, you have if you've seen the Spiderman movies, but this footage captured by photographer Randy Scott Slavin is no CGI fantasy. It's Gotham at its grandest. Read More >>

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Trailer is a Chilling Reminder of Spider-Man 3

And that, true believers, can only be a bad thing. On paper, Spider-Man 3 sounded like the greatest superhero movie ever, what with the webslinger going up against Sandman, Hobgoblin and Venom all in one popcorn-friendly flick. But the old adage of "too many cooks" also applies to "too many villains" and next year's The Amazing Spider-Man 2 seems to be falling into the same trap that made Spider-Man 3 a total train wreck. Read More >>

This Guy Built the Most Incredible Spider-Man Suit Ever

MoonSpider admits that he didn't actually make the suit himself but he connected all the right and talented people to get his creation off the ground. Still, it's impressive as hell. There are hidden zippers all around the suit, sneaky shoe uppers tied to the feet and incredibly detailed colour representation. It's pretty much perfect. Read More >>

A Scientifically Accurate Spider-Man Is Freakishly Gross

Though most of us find Spider-Man to be infinitely more relatable than other comic book heroes, the truth is if Spider-Man was actually scientifically accurate, it'd be a much different story. He'd be totally gross because, well, spiders are totally gross. They're hairy; they're freakish looking and their dicks fall off. Read More >>

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This Is What It Looks Like to Be Spiderman in Real Life

Because Peter Parker was a nerd, every geek has wondered what it would be like to be Spiderman. Batman was too rich and good-looking; Superman wasn't from this world, but Spiderman...he was just like us! So if you want to know what ol' Spidey goes through daily, watch this incredible video filmed with a GoPro HD Hero3. Read More >>

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Awesome Window Washers Dressed Up As Spiderman When They Visited a Children's Hospital

Cleaning windows at a hospital can be totally awkward for everybody involved so All Children's Hospital in Tampa Bay, US got creative by having their window washers dress up as Spiderman while they cleaned their windows. It brightened up their entire day. Read More >>

Lego Spiderman Action Figure Is Pretty Goddamn Bloody Awesome

Like the Lego Batman action figure, this Lego Spidey is pretty damn amazing. Created by our friend Michael McCooey — hire this dude, Lego — it's fully posable down to the most extreme and typical Peter Parker positions, including hanging upside down. Here are all the features: Read More >>

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Why Spiderman's Strong-as-Steel Webs Are Mathematically Possible

When you're watching the Spiderman movies, you hardly ever stop to think about whether Peter Parker could actually physically swing from buildings on threads of silk. C'mon! Suspend your disbelief! It's a superhero movie! Jeez. Except as this mathematics professor points out, it's freaking possible. Read More >>

Real-Life Spiderman Climbs France's Tallest Building Without a Harness

Spiderman Alain Robert is totally fearless and a little bit crazy. Today, the urban climber scaled La Tour First, the tallest building in his home country of France, without so much as a harness. Read More >>


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