Petrol-Sniffing Spider Forces Mazda into Recall and Real-World Bug-Fix

A bizarre case of spider infestation has forced car-maker Mazda to recall 42,000 Mazda 6 models for a software update, one designed to counteract the fact that a certain variety of spider is drawn to the smell of petrol and enjoys nesting in its fuel tank vent line. Read More >>

City-Dwelling Spiders Build Webs That Don't Work

In welcome news for urban arachnophobes everywhere, it turns out that certain types of spiders just aren't cut out for city life. Apparently, spinning webs on concrete and steel kills the vibrations spiders need to sense prey—meaning dinner doesn't come easily. Read More >>

Sainsbury's Bananas in "Death Spiders" PR Crisis

A London family was ordered to run out of their home by a pest control team, after a batch of deadly spiders crawled out of their bunch of Sainsbury's bananas. Read More >>

Arachnophobics Beware: This Creepy Spiderbot Is Incredibly Lifelike

If you've got £1,000 burning a hole in your pocket and an arachnophobic friend you love to terrorize, the folks at Robugtix will happily trade your heard-earned money for this incredibly lifelike robotic spider called the T8. Read More >>

Silk: Nature's Homespun Supermaterial

Most of your exposure to silk probably comes in the form of uncomfortably sensual linens or cobwebs in a dusty old closet. In reality, though, silk is an incredible and overlooked material. While it may have roots in the ancient past, it could also form the building blocks of the future. Read More >>

Science Fact: Spider-Man Really Could Stop a Runaway Train

Spider-Man is no longer science fiction -- well, some of his amazing powers aren't, anyway. Being bitten by a radioactive spider probably isn't going to let you scramble up the sides of tall buildings, but yes, it's true -- you really could stop a speeding train with webbing if you were the Spidey one. Read More >>

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These Spiders Are Frightening and Beautiful At the Same Time

If you have a fear of spiders, you might not want to click through. But if you have a love for bright, colourful objects, then go right ahead! Read More >>

Tokyoflash's Latest Has Us Caught in a Web of Time

Have you grown tired of keeping a steadfast hold on time? Does your mind cloud with the mundane prospect of glancing at your wrist watch and immediately knowing how late you are? Tokyoflash has been working hard to alleviate your boredom, and with its latest watch design, you’ll never be quite sure what the time really is. Problem solved, right? Read More >>

RIP Spidernaut: The Space-Traveling Arachnid Is Dead

Her name was Nefertiti. Her species was Phidippus johnsoni. She was the first jumping spider to make it all the way to space and live to tell about it. After spending 100 days aboard the ISS, she successfully readjusted to life on earth where she enjoyed just five days of retirement at the National Museum of Natural History's Insect Zoo. And sadly yesterday, she breathed her last. Read More >>

A Spidernaut Spent 100 Days in Space and Returned Home a Hero

She did it! A jumping spider named Nefertiti went all the way to space for 100 days, hung out on the ISS, and now the little spidernaut has re-entered our atmosphere. She has officially hung up her space suit and retired to a quiet life in the Insect Zoo at the National Museum of Natural History. Read More >>

Holy Crap, Here's a 100-Million-Year-Old Spider Eating a Wasp

100 million years ago, when dinosaurs were still around, this spider had captured a wasp in his web. The wasp was going to be the spider's dinner. The wasp was going to die watching the spider kill him. The wasp was going to — SPLAT. At that exact moment — one hundred freaking years ago — tree resin flowed over on top of them and froze the two bugs in time for us to see now. Read More >>

Projection Installation Shows How Your Living Room Would Look If Swarmed By Giant Spiders

Whether they scare the pants off you or not, to most of us, spiders are still plain old creepy. So imagine how you'd react as you walked past this installation from German designer Friedrich van Schoor. I'm going with full-blown freaking-out Eight Legged Freaks-style. Read More >>

Spiders Love to Chase Lasers Too, Just Like Cats

Those damn furry spiders love to chase lasers; like cats. It's ok, spider. Come on. I will let you hunt my laser. And then fry you with it. Read More >>

Spider Lives In Woman's Ear For a Whole Five Days

I'm a grown man, yet, along with a lot of other people (read: the world), spiders creep me the fudge out. Eurghh. So, upon seeing this, my mind immediately took me to a land of happy rainbows and fluffy bunnies to keep me away from the horrible, horrible reality that is this story. I hope your ears are clean, because for a woman only known as 'Ms. Lee", her ear was home to a spider for five whole days. Read More >>

Why Spiders Don't Stick To Their Own Webs

Over the years there have been many theories as to why spiders don't get caught up in their own sticky webs. But it's only recently that researchers have finally figured out that it's actually a terribly clever combination of anatomy and technique. Read More >>

Milking a Black Widow Looks Just As Crazy As It Sounds

Paul Lazarro has one of the weirdest gigs I've ever heard of: he milks black widow spiders for their silk. Yeap! The venomous, red dotted, eight-legged, creature killing black widow is knocked out and then handled for its super strong silk. All in the name of dangerous research. Read More >>


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