The US Built a Bizarre "Twitter for Cuba" to Help Undermine Castro

In one of the oddest reports of spy games we've heard in years, the AP has uncovered a United States plot to create a "Cuban Twitter" that would lure in users with football scores and music news before evolving its message into anti-Castro rhetoric. If any part of that made you say what, don't worry, that's a perfectly natural response. Read More >>

Married With Children is the Best Way for the Modern Spy to Blend in

A female spy has outlined her work with the UK's MI6 intelligence agency, claiming that the modern world sees female spies with husbands and children as the future of surveillance, due to them being perceived as less of a threat. And the old "better at multitasking" myth has raised its head again, too Read More >>

Boeing is Working on a Self-Destructing Phone for Spies

Government employees who rely on Blackberry's famously secure encryption might have another phone to choose from some day soon: Myce reports that Boeing has filed papers with the FCC for a phone that self-destructs if you tamper with it. It's called the Boeing Black, of course. Read More >>

Can the NSA Really Send a Drone to Bomb Your Phone?

The world woke up Monday morning to yet more unsettling news about how the NSA is spying on people. This time, though, the repercussions are deadly. Read More >>

Want to Avoid the NSA? Use a Mobile Phone

Holy crap, the latest NSA report is actually good news—sort of. Despite what you've heard in the past nine months, the NSA only collects information on 20 per cent or fewer US calls. Why? Because they're having a hard time figuring out how to tap mobile phones. Read More >>

An Interactive Map of What America's Spies are Worried About

Well, Defense One just made it easy for you with this interactive map of what America's spies are really worried about. It's very simple—just a Google Map of the world with pins dropped on all of the countries that represent national security concerns. But it's not just terrorism that their intelligence agencies are bothered by; it's everything from economic instability in central Africa and homicide rates in Honduras to riots in the streets of Ukraine and secret Iranian efforts to supply weapons to Palestinian groups. Did you know that Azerbaijan is almost ready to blow? Read More >>

The NSA Spies on You Even When You're Playing Angry Birds

Newly published slides from the NSA and its UK counterpart GCHQ show that the spy agencies delight in scooping up data from "leaky" smartphone apps. That means that you're being watched when you do everything from playing Angry Birds to uploading Facebook photos. Read More >>

Hundreds of Firms Are Selling NSA-Level Spy Tech and That's Not Okay

While Americans shuddered over revelations about NSA surveillance earlier this year, hundreds of private companies, even in Britain, have been marketing technology that lets anybody be a spy. We're not talking about a few nanny cams here and there, either. We're talking about military-grade tools for whoever has the cash. Read More >>

To Avoid Cyber Espionage, Russia's Switching Back to Typewriters

Hackers aren't going anywhere any time soon, so Russian spies are wising up and taking their most sensitive intelligence offline. Not offline like off the internet. Offline like off computers altogether. Read More >>

French Secret Service Freaks Out About Seemingly Nonexistent Military Secrets On Wikipedia

French agents at the Direction Centrale du Renseignement Intérieur (DCRI), apparently turning their attention to Wikipedia for the first time in years, demanded last month that the Wikimedia Foundation delete an entry about a military radio relay station written in 2009. Read More >>

Defence Specialist Builds Terrifying Automated Web Stalker and Data Harvester

You know full well that all the innocent crap you spam out to social networks can be used to pinpoint you, highlight your friends and track your favourite places, building up a perfect record of your little life. Defence specialist Raytheon is automating this data harvesting process with a view to patenting a comprehensive tracking tool. Read More >>

The CIA Had A Stealthy Insectocopter Flying 40 Years Ago

Who knows what kind of craziness the CIA is working on now, but back in the 1970s, the goal was to perfect a robotic dragonfly. Now, 40 years later, you can see footage of the prototype in action. Read More >>

Four Words: Secret. Folding. Bookself. Door. 'Nuff Said.

If you've managed to scrimp and save £2,000 for some much needed home improvement, forget about fixing that giant hole in the floor of the kids' room and instead install this secret folding bookshelf door in front of your study. Read More >>

Couple Busted Trying to Sell Meth and a Military Drone to China

Meth and drones, meth and drones—there's hardly a more imaginable combo that pairs better. The chips and gravy of espionage. At least according to a Taiwanese duo, accused of an attempt to smuggle out military secrets and drugs to China. Read More >>

Thieves Snatch Briefcase Full of Secret Drone Documents in France

Sometimes life imitates art, and sometimes life imitates a series of stupid spy movie cliches: a briefcase detailing a joint French/UK military drone was stolen in Paris. A briefcase! A briefcase full of secret documents. Christ, man. Read More >>

The Secret Spy Toys of The KGB

Ever since watching James Bond as a child, we've all dreamt about spy toys. Secret cameras, hidden guns, that kind of thing. Well here's the real deal, straight out of the KGB vaults. Read More >>


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